Spencer Boldman Talks 21 Jump Street In CMR Exclusive

Spencer Boldman is a name you might not recognize immediately but is one name you should keep an eye out for in the future. Spencer is in the new hit Disney Series “Lab Rats” that will be out later this year and stars alongside Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Johnny Depp in the film version of the hit TV series “21 Jump Street.”
We began by asking Spencer about his current project, the upcoming film 21 Jump Street. He plays “French Samuels” and it is about two cops that go undercover at a high school to control the drug cartel. Spencer plays rival to Jonah Hill’s character in the movie. In the film, there is a production of Peter Pan and Spencer tells us that, “I kind of take Jonah’s part and it’s really interesting how it ends up, but you will have to watch the movie to find out.” He shared what makes 21 Jump Street unique:

“What’s great about the movie is that there were so many great celebrities that had guest cameo spots. Like Ellie Kemper from Bridesmaids and Chris Parnell from Saturday Night Live. So it was really fun being able to work with them a little bit.” Spencer adds, “All of my scenes were improved – a lot of the movie is improved – and being able to do that with Jonah Hill, you know from a comedic actor standpoint obviously was just a dream come true because he is one of the great of our generations.”

Spencer was born after the original series of 21 Jump Street, but he has seen it on YouTube. There are differences though. He says, “It’s obviously based off the same premise, but this is such a comedy. And you have somebody like Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum headlining the movie so it has to be in a sense. They did such an amazing job of honoring the audience that watched the original and I think those people are going to enjoy the movie as well. The biggest difference is that it’s a comedy, there’s more guests stars and there’s more characters.

Spencer has been really busy lately. In addition to 21 Jump Street, he is starring in a new Disney XD series called “Lab Rats”. He tells us, “It’s about me and my two siblings experiencing life for the first time because what nobody knows is that we’re are bionic.” This show is different than many other Disney shows because there is no singing and dancing. It is more like Wizards of Waverly Place, and since that is going off the air, Lab Rats will draw the same audience. The show comes out in mid-February.

Although he’s done both, Spencer prefers film to television. “I love TV, but there is something very magical about film…It’s that feeling you get right before you are about to watch a movie you are really excited about. We feel the same way when we’re making it.” He said his ultimate goal is to do movies full time.

Spencer admits that he is just a regular guy and when questioned how his friends treat him now that he is becoming a big star, he chuckled. He had a small part in iCarly and they were so excited for him. He told them, “you can get excited when I win an Oscar!” But he appreciates the support of his friends and family and that they keep him humble and grounded. He’s looking forward to going home for the holidays, seeing everyone and being able to sleep in his own bed!

Merry Christmas Spencer and Thank You for the interview!

Photo courtesy of Anderson Group PR. Photo credit Bobby Quillard.

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