Doctor Oz Show Recap 12/19/2011: What Are The New Healthy Drinks?

Doctor Oz today is having the 12 Days of Christmas Countdown and will be showing us all the latest “health smart” holiday gifts and showing us Healthy Holiday snacks. The show starts out with Dr. Oz’s twelve days of Christmas and he give the audience 12 gifts that are based on different areas of our lives. We see how these gifts let us cook healthy, look younger, keep your house healthier, increase your brain power, and other motivational ways to lose weight and feel great next year. You can go to the Dr. Oz web site for a chance to win all the gifts he gave away today.
The next segment deals with how not to overeat during the Holidays. Tina is brought up and she talks about how she “chows down” during the Holidays. he gives us a detailed look at what happens with the food as we eat it. The stomach releases chemicals to tell the brain that we need to stop eating. First, we should slow down while eating. Second, go for the veggies instead of the meat on your second helping and use a teaspoon so it forces you to eat less. Using mellow music will also help slow you down during meal time. Now we see how overeating can cause gas and bloating. He shows us how eating fast will cause undigested food to be in the colon and that is not good. By eating slow, you will have less gas. The Doctor says we need to move around for 15 minutes after a meal and it will help with our digestion.
The third segment is about making healthy cocktails for the holidays. The general rules to follow are to stay away from heavy cream, sweet sodas and other mixes. The important thing remember is that any cocktail can be low in calories if you use things like diet sodas and use natural fruit instead of fruit juice.
Now we get ideas for making healthy holiday cookies fro the viewers. we get to see the top two entries. Cookie Monster is here to be the judge. The first cookie is healthy holiday cranberry oatmeal cookies. They include apple sauce instead of butter, wheat flour instead of regular flour, and flax seed instead of eggs. The next recipe is egg nog dark chocolate chip cookies. they substitute low cal egg nog, and chick peas instead of sugar. So Cookie Monster calls it for the oatmeal cookies.
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz


  1. Lori McDowell says

    How can i sign up for the 12 days of Christmas, i watch your show every day i sure wish i could win something, just 1 time in my life. Thank-you

  2. anita marcum says

    please dr oz , i need all those wonderful things from your giveaway, i can not buy them i don’t make enough money and i would have a wonderful christmas if i win ,i have 2 children grown and 3 grandchildren that it would make veery happy ,thank you so much

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