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Dr. Oz 12/20/2011: Is There Danger In Our Drinking Water?

Doctor Oz gets serious again today after yesterday’s Holiday Gift show where he gave fans and the audience lots of great Christmas Gifts. Today he is going after our drinking water. Will this be another eye opening show like he did about arsenic in apple juice? Lisa Jackson, one of the heads of the EPA will be on the show to give the Government’s side of things. Drinking water is allowed to have a certain percentage of a lot of items that can be toxic and harmful to humans. Can this agency called the EPA really keep tabs on all the different States and how they are monitoring their drinking water? Look for him to give us the scoop on what harmful things are lurking in our drinking water. Check your local listing for the time Doctor Oz airs in your area or you can always come here to CMR at 5pm eastern time for a complete recap of the show.

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