The 2011 Kardashian Christmas Card…Addams Family Part Deux!

Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year when the Kardashian (Jenner) family releases its (un)famous Christmas card and this year, it is even more of a testament to the likeness of the Addams family than in years past. It was difficult to find a photograph to compare it to but never fear, CMR met the challenge once more!

Last year, the 2010 Kardashian family Christmas card made headlines when it was compared to an Addams’ family portrait. As luck would have it, they have topped the look this year with an even more remarkable resemblance to the famous Addams family with this picture, reported by the Daily Mail as being posted to Kim Kardashian’s website yesterday. The photographer is Nick Saglimbeni and the mood is decidedly dark for what should be a festive and joyous occasion! The only “pop” of color comes from Kris Jenner’s turquoise sequenced body glove. Kris Kringle shows no hint of emotion other than the token touch on husband Bruce’s shoulder…where is the love?

There is absolutely no hint of family cohesiveness and the fact that Rob seems to be set out to the fringes on his own is a little disconcerting as is the completely commanding pose struck by sister Kim. While Kendall and Kylie look as though they are posing for a model shoot, not a family Christmas greeting card, Kourtney and Scott remind us how life-like those Madame Tussauds’ statues can appear. Khloe and Lamar might have skipped the tacky holiday sweaters for a more refined appearance, but Khloe still scowls like a she-devil as Lamar visions of Maverick fame dance in his head!

In addition, this year the lyrics to the Addams Family television show tune have been reworked especially for this occasion. It is being called “Kardashian Krismas” and was written by myself. Enjoy!

They’re daunting and peculiar,

Steamy sexual seducers,

Reality producers,

The Kardashian Family.

They’re all together plastic,

Keeping up with them is slapstick,

Kris Humphries couldn’t hack it,

The Kardashian Family.




The Krismas card is beastly,

Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney creepy,

Mason a total sweetie,

The Kardashian Family.

Images courtesy of Christina Ricci and the Daily Mail


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