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Anderson (12/22/11) Preview: The REAL Seven Dwarfs Story and the “M” Word!

Santa might have elves helping him spread cheer this Christmas season, but Anderson Cooper has the Johnston family. The Johnston’s consist of a married couple with achondroplasia dwarfism whose children include two biological and three adopted, all with achondroplasia dwarfism as well. They called themselves the “real-life” seven dwarfs. They talk candidly with Anderson about their challenges, both physical and social, with a positive perspective.

The Johnston’s show how they accomodate life to meet the challenges of living in a “normal” size world in addition to discussing how the “M” word affects them emotionally. Amber and Trent Johnston have raised remarkably self-assured and emotionally-centered children who, even though it is hurtful to be called a “midget,” look at it as a time to teach others “this is how God made me.” 

Dugan Smith, following a rare surgery which removed a portion of his leg with his cancer, is an inspiration to all. Although people might not know whether is is coming or going with his “backwards leg” prosthetic, this young man knows EXACTLY what path he is on!

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