The Adventures of Tintin Review: Spielberg Makes A New Classic

The Adventures of Tintin is a 3D breath of fresh air that will take you on an adventure you will not soon forget. Steven Spielberg has worked his magic once again with this stop motion animation tale of adventure and intrigue. First, the scenery in this film will blow you away. Every little detail is brought out to make this fantasy world seem more real than any film in its class. The landscapes are crisp and clear and jump out at you. The characters motion a facial expressions are nothing less than perfect. You know why Spielberg is so highly acclaimed when you watch Tintin.
The story is a mash of adventures from the original comic book series but you don’t need to know them to love the adventure. Tintin, voiced by Jaimie Bell, with his dog Snowy, buys a ship in a bottle that holds a mystery. He sets out to find the truth and away we go! He hooks up with Captain Haddock, voiced by Andy Serkis, and they head out to find the secrets of the ship in the bottle. Haddock steals the show here in a few scenes with his clever wit. Mr. Sakharine, voiced by Daniel Craig, is the devious villain with an axe to grind against Haddock and a longing for the secrets of the bottle. Throw in two bumbling Scotland Yard Detectives both named Thompson, voiced by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, for a little comic relief and you get one fun adventure.
The movie will keep you guessing and laughing all the way through. The attention to detail makes it one of the best animated projects of all time. The 3D effects are there to bring life to the story and aren’t used just for “Gotcha” moments. The Adventures of Tintin is a must see movie for all and will be a welcome addition to anyone’s DVD library when it is released. I highly recommend this film! The You Tube Trailer is below.

Poster Courtesy of: Tintin Official Site

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