Dr. Oz Today 1/10/2012: Jennifer Hudson Helps You Get Healthy

Doctor Oz has Jennifer Hudson on the show today and she is sharing her formula to transform your life, along with her favorite recipes and exercise tips. Jennifer come out on the show and Oz immediately asks how she lost all that weight? She says it is Weight Watchers and how she decided it was time to do it. Jennifer says she wanted her body back after she had her son and she decided to take it to another level and keep going with it. Her eating habits were the first thing she changed. Jennifer talks about the different ways you get treated when you are heavy verses when you are thinner. She says people are more friendly when you are thinner and weight watchers has empowered her more in life. Oz asks her if she thinks it is funny that she is so well known for weight loss and Jennifer says she is happy for all the success God has brought her. Jennifer says we need to ask what we want for “us” in our lives and go with it. We need to stop trying to get ourselves healthy for others and make the decision for ourselves or we will never be successful.

Jennifer gives us her diet secrets and the recipes she loves that keeps her slim. She says weight watchers is a lifestyle change and that is what she needed to keep off the weight. The first food we see is pancakes with turkey bacon and she is a pancake freak. Her favorite lunch is a turkey burger and sweet potato fries and we see her recipe for a veggie lasagne that uses veggies instead of the pasta. Next, we see her favorite dessert and she shows us chocolate chip cookies. Jennifer keeps bringing up the point value of each food and that is what keeps a person on weight watchers motivated. Weight Watchers tells their member they can eat anything as long as it is proportioned right.

Oz surprises Jennifer with a fan that was inspired by her to lose weight. Robin has lost over 71 pounds on weight watchers and she looks great. A weight watchers rep is on now and they are talking about how to keep your New Year’s Resolution and she says you need the tools to be successful. Tupperware and markers with tape are essential for keeping the food in your fridge organized. Oz says the key is low calorie nutrient rich foods that are high in fiber, high in protein, and water to keep you full. Oz says there are 20 super foods you need to be successful in losing weight. If you go to Dr. Oz’s web site and sign up for transformation nation, then you can get this list of super foods.

Jennifer is back and now we are shown easy exercises that she uses to keep fit. Squats are first and they are to keep your rear tone and tight. Sit ups are the next and she says she does 25 a day. Push ups keep the upper body strong and Jennifer does 25 of these a day. The key to her success is that she picks three exercises that she loves and does them every day.

Dr. Oz gives the 7 steps for success and how you could win $1 Million dollars as the winner of his Transformation Nation program. The first step is to buy the 20 power foods. Next, create some of the recipes from the guide. Third is to get moving and start doing some kind of exercise. Finally, you need to get your free weigh in and you can go to a weight watchers meeting and get it along with a free membership to weight watchers.

That is today’s show, for more information on any of the topics discussed you can visit the Doctor Oz web site from the link below.

Photo Courtesy of: Dr. Oz



  1. Charlotte says

    I’m over 55 and trying to lose weight, would like the Weight Watchers cook book…..need all the help and advise. Thanks.

  2. Frances H. says

    Would like to receive the cookbook. I am over 65 and have gained weight slowly over the years. Now I need help taking it off slowly, but regularly. Thanks!

  3. glo says

    I am so happy that you are wanting people to be healthy, I would like to see if I can get WW Cookbook, I would like to pursue on my weight loss journey and have healthy cooking for my 2 girls :) I have a kindergarten who is a picky eater LOL I am so glad Jennifer Hudson was on your show, she look magnificent and is such a role model!

  4. Jeannene Ellis says

    I would love to have the weight watchers cook book so that I might have healthy recipes to cook for myself and my husband. We both need to loose weight.

  5. JoAnn K says

    I was so excited to watch your show yesterday with Jennifer Hudson
    because I can relate to everything she said I am a Weight Watchers
    Survivor lost so far 77 lbs with 5 lbs to go. I needed to get
    healthy started my Weight Watchers Program Feb 2011 and have been
    excited ever since my weight loss. This has been a successful
    weight loss story for me and I have motivated several of my
    coworkers. I’m signing in for the cook book. Thanks Weight Watchers for changing my life and life style.

  6. Virginia Mayers says

    Both my husband and I would like to join your weight loss program, but we would like to have some
    information about it. The cost to us. We are senior citizens and we are interested in Jennifer
    Hudson’s weight loss program. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  7. Paula G says

    Great show today. Weight Wathcers does work; all it takes is dedication and planning. I’ve done it before but had a setback after surgery. I need your help to get motivated again. Due to my physical restrictions/limitations excercise will be a challenge but I know I can do it, I just need your help. 25# is my overall goal. My short term one is to get started by prreparing healthy meals. Good luck everyone. Thankyou!!

  8. nlya says

    i want to loose 50.lbs.and i have made a new years Resolution. i want to join weight loss program. thank you

  9. Judy Jackson says

    Watched the show & would like the Weight Watcher book Thank You Judy and Jennifer Hudson Was so helpful!!!

  10. turonasmith says

    I watch the show with Jennifer Hudson today and it brought tears to my eyes to see how much weight she lost . I’m also willing to lose 70 pounds for the new year.

  11. Luisa says

    I want to loose 30 lbs. this is one of my New Year resolution. I want to join your get healthy weight loss program. I am so excited!!

    Thank you

  12. Bonnie D says

    I want to loose 30 lbs. and have made a New Years Resolution. I want to join your Get Healthy weight loss program. Thankyou,

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