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Dr. Oz Today 1/11/2012: B-12 Deficiency And Preventing And Managing Illness

On Doctor Oz today, the discussion is about the effects of vitamin B-12 deficiency and how it can actually be aging you faster than normal along with Oz approved ways to prevent illness. The show opens and Oz talks about how you can have vitamin B-12 deficiency and he says over 47 million of us have this deficiency. B-12 keeps you from being tired and exhausted and a lack of it can make you age faster. He says that in today’s audience, 1/3 of them are deficient in B-12.

David Katz and Kate Geagan are the first guests. Katz says B-12 is responsible for replenishing cells in your body and it is essential to DNA replication. A blood test is the best way to see if you are deficient but Oz gives us 5 questions to ask ourselves to help find out if we don’t get enough B-12. Basically, if you are tired all the time, if you are forgetful, and if you have mood swings then you should get tested, especially if you are over 50, to see what your B-12 levels are.

The guests talk about stuff that can cause B-12 not to be absorbed. Aspirin, proton pump inhibitors, and metformin are common medications that will cause you to not absorb B-12. Katz says we need a lot of folate because it helps absorb B-12. Next, we see how stomach acid, or lack of it, can cause our body to not extract enough B-12 out of our food. Oz gives a demonstration on how B-12 is extracted in the stomach. Kate says seafood, meat, pork, and poultry are the best ways to get natural vitamin B-12. Dr. Katz says alcohol consumption, particularly over use, is also a key factor in whether we are deficient in B-12.

Kate Geagan gives us different supplements that we can take to get more B-12. The minimum you should take is 1000 micro grams a day and you can’t get too much. She says that shots are great, but supplements are the easiest way to go because you don’t have to go to a doctor to get them. We get three food sources to get a lot of B-12. Whole grain cereals that are fortified with B-12 are the best and you can eat it with yogurt or milk. The labels won’t tell you if a food has B-12 unless it is fortified with it so the label is not always going to tell you if you have B-12. Meat needs to be grass fed and not given growth hormones because they rip the B-12 out of it. Seafood has a lot of B-12 and clams have 50% of the daily recommended B-12 from just 3 ounces.

The next segment is about preventing colds and Oz is giving out ways to keep your lymph nodes healthy. He shows us what the lymph system does and how it helps to get rid of bad things in our body. Lymph nodes actually get larger when they are trying to fight off an infection in our body. If they are swollen, a massage will help make them smaller and helps them to function better. Drinking a lot of water with elderberry extract will help flush out your lymph system and keep it working great. Zinc lozenges are another way to fight a cold and are readily available now.

Dr. Keri Peterson is on now and she talks about how to treat a stuffy nose. She says saline spray is the best for this and has no side effects. Runny noses and sneezing can be best treated by antihistamine. Sore throats are best treated with ibuprofen and not cough drops. Dry coughs can be treated with with Dextromethorphan (DM) and wet coughs are treated best with an expectorant.

The last segment today is natural cures for headaches. Tension headaches are caused by stress and it feel like a vice squeezing you head. Ginger, about a cup, can be boiled and then drink the juice. Cluster headaches are when it feels like one little point on your head is aching and can be treated by rubbing capsaicin cream in your nose. Migraines are the worst headaches and can be treated by using feverfew orally and an acupressure massage on your feet. Put pressure between your big toe and the second toe and hold it. This is proven to reduce headache pain.

Tomorrow, Oz will have Goldie Hawn on the show and we will be recapping it as usual.
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