“People’s Choice Awards 2012” on CBS Tonight…Will Your Favorite Be A Winner?

CBS brings television viewers the “People’s Choice Awards 2012” with live streaming starting at 7:30 ET with the Red Carpet events followed by the award show which starts at 9/8c. CMR will live blog the event beginning at 9 PM ET, bringing you the answers to such questions as “Who won on the People’s Choice Awards 2012?” and “Who hosted the People’s Choice Awards 2012?”

One of those questions can be answered right now as it will be the gorgeous and articulate Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) hosting the event this evening with musical guest stars Faith Hill and Demi Lovato, but who will be in attendance, who will present, and who wins is all up in the air! There are some really great shows nominated which hope to either win for the first time or continue to the “winner’s circle” once more this year such as “Favorite New Drama” with the contenders being “Once Upon A Time,” “Person of Interest,” “Revenge,” “Secret Circle,” and “Terra Nova.” It appears as though “Once Upon a Time” might actually pull this win off. Will Justin Bieber pull a win out from underneath Bruno Mars in the “Favorite Male Artist” category? Will Adele pull a win out over Lady Gaga, Beyonce,¬†and Katy Perry? Tune in later for the live blogging results.

Image courtesy of CBS

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