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Dr. Oz 1/12/2012: Goldie Hawn Tells Us How She Looks So Young


Actress Goldie Hawn is on the Doctor Oz Show today and she is sharing her tips for staying healthy and looking younger than you actually are. Hawn is in her 60’s but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at her and she will be giving us specifics on how she manages to keep her youthful appearance along with how she overcame her depression. In 2005, Goldie put all of her life up for public viewing in her book, titled “A Lotus Grows in the Mud”, where she discussed openly about her relationships and her feelings while growing up and this could have been a key to her success in overcoming depression. Oz will also have a lot more beauty and anti aging tips for us and Dr. Yan Trokel and Dr. Mike Dow will also be on the show. Times vary for the show in different areas so check your local listings to see when Dr. Oz airs in your area. If you miss the show or just cannot watch it at the regular time, check back on CMR for our daily recap of all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about.

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  1. Darlene K. Smith says

    What is the name of the facial injection procedure done on the DR. Oz show on 1-12-12 that lifts and makes you look younger. They injected near the upper cheek and mouth.

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