Dr. Oz 1/17/2012: Hidden Dangers In Our Supplements

Doctor Oz frequently recommends many supplements on his show and today he is exploring some dangerous additives in them that can be harmful. Are the companies that make these supplements actually injecting some of them with additional items that will cause us severe problems? Some doctors thing so and Oz is going to get to the bottom of it today. Special guests are Dr. Jen Ashton and Dr. Pieter Cohen and they will be debating the many “extras” that some supplements contain. Oz will also be talking about managing illnesses and how to prevent them altogether. Dr. Oz come on at many different times around the country so check your local TV Guide to find the time he airs in your area. CMR provides a full recap of every show each day at 5pm eastern time so you can check back if you miss anything or just need all the facts.
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz


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