Dr. Oz 1/18/2012: Orange Juice Safety: What Is This Fungicide?

Doctor Oz wants to know if our Orange Juice is safe to drink and also will give us more details about the fungicide found in the imported brands recently. Unlike his expose’ on apple juice, this fungicide was reported by the FDA. The government will test all foreign shipments of orange juice for the fungicide Carbendazim. WHO (World Health Organization) officials say this chemical can cause damage only if they are ingested in high levels but other experts say even low level ingestion can cause hormonal problems. The stock market is in a big tizzy over this and Orange Juice futures went to an all time high on Tuesday. Oz doesn’t care about the money and look for him to give us all the facts about whether or not we should be worried about this situation. Check your local listings for the time the show airs in your area or just visit CMR at 5pm eastern time for a full recap of the Doctor Oz Show Today.

Photo courtesy of: Doctor Oz

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