Dr. Oz Today 1/18/2012: Explaining The Orange Juice Scare

Doctor Oz opens the show and says he has been bombed with questions about orange juice and he is going to answer a lot of questions today. The common factor in this scare is that the fungicide Carbendazim was found in Orange juice processed in Brazil. Alissa Hamilton is on the show and she talks about orange juice that comes from Brazil. By the mid 1980’s Brazil surpassed Florida in juice orange production and is the largest producer of orange juice in the world. Gary Ginsberg says this fungicide can cause a range of genetic problems in humans. The FDA found up to 35 parts per billion concentrations and this warranted more testing. The chemical gets into orange juice when the oranges are squeezed. The second way is from the flavor additive that is used when we process orange juice and this comes from the peel also. Now the FDA has set a limit of 10 parts per billion and will send back any orange juice with that level. There is no real danger from any of the sources. Dr. Ginsberg says that this is the first time that the FDA has tested for this fungicide and it is their job. To avoid this fungicide altogether, use only US orange juice or 100% organic orange juice.

The second segment deals with boosting your metabolism so you will feel better and focuses on early morning. First, use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and it is great to boosting your energy. Second, N-Acetyl Cysteine will help boost your immunity and you need 600mg twice a day. Finally, get 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up to rev up your metabolism. Oz says cereal with yogurt, 3 egg omelets, or a powdered protein shake will get you there quickly so your body starts the day in high gear.

Oz now gives us his “super diet plan” and he has borrowed the best parts of three major diets to come up with his own. First, get rid of the salt you eat. Use Italian seasoning, lemon pepper, and Chinese 5 spice instead of salt. This will help your diet and blood pressure. Second, use tub margarine, wheat germ, sesame seeds, and pistachio nuts will help lower your cholesterol. Finally, eat healthy fats like Olive and Canola oil, sardines, and nuts. Any nut is fine as long as you take them moderately.

Doctor Oz gets Lidia Bastianich on the show to give us tips on how to make great Italian Food that will keep the bad carbs away. She is making a traditional Pesto dish. Use tomatoes, basil, almonds, garlic, peperoncino, sea salt and blend in a food processor while drizzling in olive oil for a great pesto sauce. Use whole wheat pasta and parmigiano. This is a great easy recipe that gives you real Italian Flavor and is healthy. Mix the sauce with the pasta and add a few ground up herbs and cheese. This recipe is half the calories of a regular pesto dish in the US.

The final segment is gadgets that will help keep you healthy and cost under $30 dollars. The Oster Myblend Blender and is has a container that doubles as a cup to carry with you. Next, we see the Eatsmart digital food scale to measure out your food portions perfectly. Finally, the Mastred magic chip maker and it makes perfect chip slices and it has a microwave tray that makes great and healthy chips because there is no oil. All of these products will help keep you on track and won’t break your wallet.

The show ends with Oz giving us one more tip. Use ice cube trays to make smoothie cubes and you have a great healthy snack anytime. You can go to the official Dr. Oz web site to register for free prizes and get more info on all of the topics discussed today by following the link below.

Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz


  1. Esperanza Martinez says

    Thanks for the great information . Your program is providing much needed support to lose weight. I have been buying walnuts consistently and I notice I am less likely to eat afterwards. I will pass the word along on all your great tips. I am interested in the blender/bottle combo. Thank you, Dr Oz

  2. Rachel Patarino says

    I would love to get the potato slicer. I get hungry at 3:30/4:00 p.m. and at 11 p.m. (I am retired and I have insomnia) which is why I cannot lose weight. It would be fantastic to get the potato slicer so that I could eat something that is natural and healthy. Oh please, please may I have a potato slicer. I love your show Dr. Oz and I have learned so much watch your show. Thank you and God bless.

  3. odette says

    i would like to register to receive all the things that dr oz demonstrated today
    is possible i can’t visit the show i live in california never go anywhere
    please let’s me know if dr receive this e-mail
    thank you

  4. Kathy Carter says

    HI! I’k love to get the Chip Maker, and the list of health/nutrition products (cocoanut oil, etc)

    Love you love your show, thank you and yes, I check labels!!


  5. Bunny Emert says

    1/18/2012. Caught show at end! Thought I heard Dr Oz say something about keeping orange juice I’n frig. Good thing or bad to keep I’n frig. What was his point I’n this comment?

  6. Donna Zietsman says

    I would like to register to receive the “chip maker” demonstrated today.
    Thank you, Donna Zietsman.

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