Dr. Oz Today 1/19/2012: Secret Ways To Lose Weight

Doctor Oz opens the show today talking about how to deal with Celiac disease and how Elisabeth Hasselbeck overcame it by watching her diet. Celiac disease is a reaction to certain carbohydrates and can be misdiagnosed. Hasselbeck says she was bloated and had fatigue and had to keep searching for why and then she found out she had Celiac disease. Oz gives a demonstration on how Celiac disease works. It basically causes the body to be starving even though you are eating food. Elisabeth took this so seriously that she wrote a Gluten Free cookbook so you can eat great food and be healthy. Oz says we should try a gluten free diet for 2 weeks if we suffer from fatigue, bloating, or weight gain. If we feel better after 2 weeks then we need to be checked for Celiac disease. Oz and Hasselbeck give pointers to three different women on how they can easily take the gluten out of their diet. She also points out that lip gloss, mouth wash, and skin lotion can also have gluten in them.
Elisabeth shows us how to make one of her favorite dishes. Firsts she makes rice noodles and sets them aside. Now she makes the sauce with lime juice, shallot, canola oil, gluten free sweet chili sauce, unsalted peanuts and then make your eggs. You slice up the eggs and then mix all the ingredients together. She says you can add leftover chicken or any other meat if you like. This is great Veggie pad Thai.

The next segment is about how restaurants are ruining your health. Oz gets secrets from four waiters who are disguised. Michael Symon is on the show to help shed a little light on restaurants. He says labor and food cost are the easiest ways to cut cost so you should know your restaurant. Oz says lemons are the dirtiest fruit in a restaurant. They got lemons from 5 restaurants and all were full of germs. The second secret is to judge a restaurant by how clean the restroom is and a dirty restroom is a sure sign of a dirty kitchen. Buffets are another thing to avoid unless you can see them actually prepare the food. Coffee is probably decaf if you order regular coffee after 8pm.

Symon now gives us three meals that we should never order when eating out. 1. Never order the special of the day because it is usually food that is about to go bad. 2. Never get veal from a restaurant and Symon says they substitute pork or another substitute. 3. Never get the “all you can eat” special because restaurants are using food laced with growth hormones and the meat is the lowest grade you can possibly get.

The final segment today deals with Oz approved super foods that are guaranteed to lower your cholesterol. Dr. William lee is here to show us foods that lower cholesterol. First, mustard greens and they help to get rid of the stuff that makes cholesterol in your body. Second, dark chicken meat reduces heart disease risks by 57% and you need 4 ounces a day. Persimmon is the next food and it is a fruit that helps fight belly fat. Finally, pistachio nuts lower LDL cholesterol and you need about a cup of these a day.

For more info on any topic discussed today, you can go to Dr. Oz’s official web site by following the link in the photo credit below.

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