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Modern Day Beverly Hillbillies Geared to Put “Country” in the Country Club on “Bayou Billionaires”

“Bayou Billionaires” is reality television’s answer to the hit comedy series “Beverly Hillbillies” which aired for nine hilarious seasons on CBS from 1962-1971. The premiere of “Bayou Billionaires” airs tonight on CMT at 9PM ET/PT. This is a little about the show and how the comparisons might line-up as you are introduced to the Dowden’s of Shreveport, Louisiana:

First, the stories between reality and fiction are eerily similar. Patriarch Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) learns there are oil reserves in his swamp and is paid a fortune for access to drill by the OK Oil Company. By similar circumstances, patriarch Gerald Dowden, learns their home in Shreveport, Louisiana sits on the 4th largest natural gas deposit in the United States. But who are the Dowden’s? The similarities do not stop there. There is a mother-in-law Daisy Mae “Granny” Moses (Irene Ryan) in this family but it is father-in-law “Grandpa” who spends his time talking to a multitude of girlfriends instead of cooking! This modern day “Jed Clampett”, however, is no widower as his wife, Kitten Dowden, is alive and kickin’ as the family ventures into the discovery of the finer things in life. Tonight, this will include the entire family (all 18 of them…almost sounds like an invasion of the Duggers!) stormtrooping the local country club to investigate if they should obtain memberships.

The remaining members of the Dowden clan include single mother of three, Valerie, who works for the public defender’s office who might slide into an updated version of Elli Mae Clampett; Chantel and her boyfriend, Albert, who is otherwise know by Carl and Jimmy and could possibly become known as Jethro Clampett for his comedic exploits which keep things interesting at the Dowden house; Gerald, Jr. and his wife, Peggy, and mama’s favorite, Thomas, and wife Mallory. It will be amusing to see exactly how this family stacks up to the Beverly Hillbillies as the season progresses and what other similarities might be drawn. If the Dowden’s have a dog, it remains to be seen if its name is Duke! If you are unable to watch the premiere tonight, there will be a recap following the show to get you caught up to speed on what happened.

Image and video clip courtesy of CMT

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