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“Bayou Billionaires” Premiere Recap (1/21/12): What is Money For if You Can’t Spend It?

The new reality television show, “Bayou Billionaires,” premiered tonight on CMT. It is about the Dowden family from Shreveport, Louisiana and the fortune they came in to when it was discovered there was a natural gas deposit on their land. Now they have truckloads of money to spend. This show is about how they do it. If you missed the televised version, this is what happened on “Bayou Billionaires” this evening~

There wasn’t much happening at the beginning of the show as Gerald and Kitten introduced the family and gave a list of some of the things they have spent money on since the gas company put a well in their backyard. This includes a new inground pool, a hot tub, and 5th wheel RV and a Supercab truck with duelies to haul it, a convertible, jet skis, horses, and 50 hound dogs.

They talk about Grandpa, who is 90-year-old, and still playing around with the ladies. He has them from all over – Texas, California, Arizona! Their four children include two daughters and two sons, each with families of their own. The oldest daughter, Valerie, is a single parent with three kids and is head strong. Chantel is daddy’s girl who just receive new teeth. Her boyfriend is Albert, a burnt out biker. The oldest son is Gerald, Jr. who is the adventurous one and Thomas is a mama’s boy with a new wife and baby.

Gerald makes a run to the mailbox and returns with a check for $116,800 which is the amount received from the gas company for the week of royalties. Kitten calls it “mailbox money” cause they just go to the mailbox and it’s there without doing anything. She wants to see about joining the Shreveport Country Club so makes an appointment for the family. Thomas considers them stuffed shirts who talk about others while Gerald, Jr. considers members hob knob slobs. Albert tells Chantel he is not the country club type…more like the just got of the penitentiary kind. Okay then…

The family caravan to the country club and are met by Judy who gives them a history lesson but the Dowden’s are interested in having fun. Kitten and Gerald take golf lesson while Mallory and Thomas seek out help (in fun) from a foursome they come across. As the members seem to talk down to them as hicks, Malory looks on and laughs as she asks for help understanding the game because secretly, she is a member of the college golf team. Attitudes change when she knocks it clear down the fairway!

Albert and Chantel take tennis lessons and Albert is getting a little hot under the collar as the tennis pro hits on Chantel. Chantel decides she is going to ask daddy to build one back on the family property. It seems like with all that money, Gerald and Kitten could afford to build each of the children new homes instead of them living in those dumpy trailers! The administrator of the country club asks if there are any questions as she explains to Gerald shirts are to be worn inside as he sits in swim trunks and no shirt. Kitten wants to know about the age of men as she is looking for a husband for Valerie but Gerald wants to know if he can hunt fox on the property. Oh my gosh!

The family overtakes the pool with no regard for the rules and regulations while other members look on in slight disgust. Grandpa hits on every female within talking distance, but in the end, Kitten decides her family has what it needs at home and as she and Gerald sip champagne in the hot tub, it is decided they will not be putting the country in country club.

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