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“Underworld: Awakening” Review: The Storyline Sucked, but Lycan the Visuals!


Finally, after some bad weather, it was possible to get to the theater and see what all the promotional fever was about for the newest installment of the vampire Selene as she returns to the “living” in “Underworld: Awakening.” What is different about this film from the first three? It is not a part of a trilogy; it is a brand new beginning with Selene rising from a twelve year imprisonment to find the world vastly different from the one she last knew.

She is in a new world altogether. It is dominated by man and man has discovered the existence of vampire and werewolf and is intent on the eradication of both species. In addition, Selene finds herself in an emotional place never before experienced.

This movie was very dark but great graphics. It was fast-paced with constant action. The beginning was misleading but the idea of an offspring hybrid lends an interesting twist. As with every new beginning, there is an Eve and “Underworld: Awakening” holds to this with hybrid Eve (India Eisley) who Selene must protect from both the vampire covens and the Lycan clans.  The introduction of humans makes this film far different than its predecessors even if the characterizations of those humans do not quite pan out. The suspense at the end of the movie with Selene (Kate Beckinsale) who, by the way, still looks absolutely fabulous in skin-tight black leather, and hybrid Eve is a twist which almost seems to have been thrown in at the last minute. Instead of a storyline which focuses on the Lycan and vampire creating an alliance to overthrow the human-race intent on the “cleansing” of these supernatural powers, this movie keeps the focus on the clashes between Lycans and vampires with more brutal scenes.

Although the main human character, Detective Sebastian (Michael Ealy), has some depth, too little is done with this character and he basically fades into the background while supernatural bashing swirls around him. The weakest things about this film are the lack of bad a** characters other than Beckinsale which might explain the movie poster depicting her as the one and only main character. Additionally, the Lycans were overall far stronger than the vampires and both battled with one another instead of fighting the now common foe – humans! Although it was great to see Selene back in action, there was much more expected from such a long rest!

Image courtesy of IMDb and trailer courtesy of YouTube

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