“Teen Mom 2″ Preview (1/31/12): “I Can’t Pot Up With This Anymore!”

This week, “Teen Mom 2″ reveals Jenelle’s sentence which is a year of probation while bad boy Kieffer gets off as all of the charges against him are dropped. What the heck? It is no wonder Jenelle is just a bit emotional! What is disturbing, though, is the fact that she thinks she needs to smoke pot in order to deal with the stresses in life! This girl needs some REAL drug counseling.

Will Leah find a suitable trailer to purchase and move on to the property she looked at with Corey. Will he come along or remain the pig-headed stubborn a** he is currently being? Will Chelsea start studying in order to take her GED test and get her high school diploma so she can start college?

Will Jo back down or remain adamant against paying the court-ordered child support? Will Kailyn win and in the process, how is the relationship with Jo affected? Will there be some real fireworks when Jo realizes he is not going to get his way? Tune in to MTV tonight at 10/9c to find out what happens during this episode. As usual, a recap of the show will follow the television airing. Here is a clip of Jenelle after she receives the news of her probation~

Image and video clip courtesy of MTV


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