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Dr. Oz 1/25/2012: A New “Old” Treatment For Depression

Doctor Oz is talking about depression today and how some people are resorting to an old technique that is showing promise in helping to cure patients. Electro Shock Therapy is something that most of us have only seen in the movies. Remember “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”? No one can forget Jack Nicholson being turned into a vegetable from getting shocks to his brain. Today, doctors are using this same treatment to help people with depression and they say it is working. Some patients, with depression, are seemingly immune to the various medications that fight the disease. These people are getting Electro Shock and they say it is saving their lives. Look for Oz to get to the bottom of this new treatment and give us his expert advice. Guests on the show will include Dr. Keith Ablow, Dr. Sarah Lisanby, Dr. Roberto Estrada, and Rocco Dispirito. Check your local listings for the time the show comes on in your area or you can always come back to CMR at 5pm eastern time for a full recap of The Doctor Oz Show.
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz


  1. June Gordon says

    I was watching your show on shock treatment last week, and I am very interested to find where is this available in Canada, My problem the last 3 years is that I have become extremely ill, and this happened after a severe shock. Due to the shock my system has become hyper sensitive, and I can’t take any medication, several have been tried. Prior to the shock I was always a person that required minimal medication to reach, a result. I have become totally disabled from living in this state going from severe anxiety to severe depression.. I have tried numerous things for help without success. I believe that something went out of balance from this shock and thirst could be the answer fr me. I would deeply appreciate hearing from you concerning this matter. If there isn’t anything available in Canada, would you let me know where there is the nearest treatment facility, to Ontario….Thank You June Gordon

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