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Kitchen Nightmares Recap 1/27/2012: Revisting The Restaurants Ramsay Helped

Kitchen Nightmares tonight will take us down memory lane as Chef Ramsay revisits a few of the restaurants he has tried to save and see if they are enjoying success. The first stop is the Spanish Pavilion in New Jerssy. This was another one of those family affairs that had gone really bad. The brothers were fighting, the food was terrible, and the decor was really old. Chef has to show all the food that was being stored in the coolers and wasted. He gave them a new menu, a new decor, and a new beginning for this place. When he left, the brothers still had problems but they were trying to work it out. Now, when Ramsay arrives back at the restaurant, he quickly checks the kitchen and see it is nice and clean with organized coolers. Now he announces his arrival. Ramsay talks with Jerry and he says the coolers are immaculate. His brother is no longer working there and mom is on vacation. Now he tries the food in the crowded dining room. The food is great and business is really good also. Jerry says the business has increased over 15% in the last few months. Ramsay leaves knowing that this restaurant has a bright future ahead of it.

The second restaurant tonight is the Kingston Cafe in Pasadena, CA. The owner was really controlling and the food was terrible. There were a lot of arguments with Dr. Morris, the owner, about how to do everything. This woman was not only dealing with a business, but lots of

Kinsston Cafe

emotional problems also. Ramsay got her on board and made his improvements. When Chef returns, he immediately asks to see Dr. Morris and they take a seat in the dining area. He learns that lots of changes, including her son, have been made to the restaurant. They have a whole new crew of chefs also and there is no one working there anymore that was present when he first came. They try the food and Ramsay is impressed. All the food is cooked fresh every day now. He goes back into the kitchen and meets the new Chef. He also goes to the coolers there has been a big change. This looks like another success story.

The third restaurant today is The Capri in Eagle Rock, CA. The two owners, Jim and Jeff, were very lazy and funny and didn’t care about the restaurant. They were only open 5 nights a week and the place was very dirty. These guys were defrosting food in a steam table. Ramsay actually

The Capri

called one of them a “big wet noodle” and made them clean their own restaurant after it closed. These guys just didn’t care and were afraid of everything. When Ramsay returns, he finds the place busy and open for lunch. He meets Jeff and Jim the twin owners. They say they are working better together now and the place is cleaner. A quick test shows the tables are still clean underneath. They say business is up over 20% and they seem to be a lot happier. Ramsay tries the meat lover’s pizza and says it is delicious. The whole menu is great and the owners are more mature. Ramsay announces that he has a plaque for the restaurant from the chamber of commerce. This is another success.

La Frite

The final restaurant is La Frite in Sherman Oaks, CA. This was another family affair gone wrong. Ramsay gave them everything they needed to succeed and even tried to patch up the family. When he returns, he sees that the restaurant is doing well. The family seems to be working together better and business is good. He tries the food and loves it. The family members are all working together now and it looks like a great future for this place.

That’s it for tonight. Check back next week for another recap of Kitchen Nightmares.
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