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Dr. Oz 1/30/2012: Busting Medical Myths Even Some Doctors Believe

Doctor Oz is taking on medical myths today and will be bringing us all the latest info on some common myths that even some doctors believe. They are called “Old Wives Tales” and all kinds of other names and we have all heard them. From that weird sounding cure your grandmother swore by to the tricks you see in the movies, medical myths can result in more harm than good sometimes. Oz gave out a survey and found that there are quite a few doctors that have admitted to using these “old wives tales” to treat patients. He will dive right in to all of these treatments and separate the fact from the fiction, so to speak. Tune in and find out if you are getting treated with some of these fictional cures when Oz exposes them all. Dr. Oz airs at different times across the country so check your local listings for the show time in your area. If you miss the show you can check back at CMR for a full recap with all the details at 5pm eastern time.
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz

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