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Recap 1/31/2012: Dr. Oz Gives Us 99 Foods To Jump Start Our Diet Today

Doctor Oz has done his research and has come up with 99 foods that we should all have in our shopping cart to keep our diets on track. The show opens with by sharing a list of 99 foods that will get your diet working. First, we get his top five packaged foods that are good for you. Kashi thin crust pesto pizza is low in carbs and is only 240 calories for 1/3 of a pizza. Sea Pak salmon burgers are only 110 calories and are high in good fats. Evol Teriyaki chicken bowl is loaded with veggies and has only 6g of fat. The Bistro Chicken Parmesan Bake is only 200 calories. Amy’s light in sodium Bean and Rice Burrito has only 120 calories and is very low in sodium.

Oz also gives us some side dishes to add with these meals. He recommends Amy’s Buttermilk Dressing and Newman’s Own oil and vinegar dressing are two healthy choices for your salad. You can buy Birdseye Steam in bag veggies and they are a great addition to a healthy meal. Pacific Butternut Squash soup is low in sodium and calories. Oz tested all these food with 5 volunteers and they like the packaged foods and say they really thought these were easy and fast ways to maintain your diet.

Next, we get healthy desserts that will allow you to cheat on your diet without the guilt. First, Breyers pure berry frozen fruit bars are only 40 calories. Second, Back to nature cookies are only 130 calories for 2 cookies and are all natural. Third, Almond Dream ice cream sandwiches have only 100 calories and are all natural. Finally, Oz says Vitalicious brownies are only 100 calories and are loaded with vitamins. He says you should stay away from artificial sweeteners no matter what dessert you choose.

The third segment has Dr. William Li and they are talking about what foods can actually lower your risk for cancer. Lima Beans are first and they have been proven to kill cancer cells. You can lower your risk of breast cancer by 24% by eating Lima beans and steaming them is the best. You should have 1 cup a day. Parsley actually starves cancer cells also and has been proven to fight ovarian cancer. You need one cup of parsley a day also. Limes fight lung cancer and will reduce your risk by 24%. Use them by making juice and you need 1/2 cup a day. Use limes instead of lemons to make lime aid. You can even use lime juice as a substitute for salt. Finally, apricots can reduce the risks of stomach cancer by 47% and you need 7 of them a day. If you use dried apricots make sure they are sun dried.

The fourth segment is about what cooking oil is best to use. Oz says the best oils are Olive oil and Canola oil and they help lower cholesterol levels. He says vegetable oils are the worst. Canola oil is great for frying. Now we get some more choices and Oz says Macadamia Nut Oil is great for baking is very heart healthy. Toasted Sesame oil is great for stir frying and it is loaded with vitamins C and E. Finally, Walnut Oil is not for cooking but is great for a dressing and can be used as a butter substitute also.

The final segment is about great easy recipes by Lisa Lillian and she is famous for 5 minute meals that are healthy and easy. She is showing us a healthy shrimp fettuccine alfredo. She is using whole wheat pasta, reduced fat sour cream, low fat feta cheese, chopped spinach, broccoli, and shrimp. Toss all this in a skillet and it takes only 5 minutes. Add to the pasta after the mixture is hot and you have a 200 calorie dish that is healthy and great.

Oz ends the show with his usual “in case you missed it” segment and he gives us one more food to add to our shopping carts. He says you can use frozen french fries and bake them in the oven for a great way to eat healthy fries. Here is the link to the 99 food list. Oz 99 Food List
Photo and information courtesy of: Dr. Oz


  1. Venita Q says

    Dr. Oz nothing like your show. I am a health nut, by all means necessary and what ever it takes I do all the right things to stay healthy first and far most I love me and love living. I work out daily use all your guidelines.
    I don’t do sugar or salt. I can cut back on sweets this is my down fall I have cut back som,e I started eating cocoa roasted almonds, plenty of fruit, with my sweet tooth hits me and all veggies. I do the green juice as well, I only do chicken and turkey. I am looking good at 64 got my physical tip top shape perfect health, when I go for my physicals my doctors are all amazed. My abs are flat, 122 lbs, got all my teeth still and I am shapely, can wear skinny jeans, I don’t look 64 I look a lot younger then my friends and relatives who are in their 30’s. My husband tells me I should come on your show for every one to see what a 64 yr african american woman should look like. My grma use to tell me if you take care of yourself while you are young you will be well rewarded as you get older. I am living proof. Thank you Dr. OZ.

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