Celebrity Wife Swap

Will There Be a Final Smackdown for the Sabato Household Tonight on “Celebrity Wife Swap (1/31/12)?

“Celebrity Wife Swap” features the wife swap between Mick “Mankind” Foley and Antonio Sabato, Jr in the season finale. Will it be the final smackdown, however, for the Sabato household? Time will tell.

The show starts out with the wife’s investigating the new digs they will be staying at for the next week and Cheryl, Antonio’s fiance, is not too happy with the disarray she faces. Colette, Mick’s wife, however, is in heaven in the clean Sabato home but thinks there is too much time spent cleaning according to the schedule posted on the refrigerator. When the women figure out where they are, Colette is beaming to be in the presence of a male god while Cheryl seems a little star-struck herself as this is Antonio’s daughter’s favorite wrestler!

After meeting the families, Mick seems a little worried about Colette being in the home of such a handsome dude for a week. Get over it! As the two women struggle to abide by the current rules in the houses, Cheryl is on a never-ending cleaning spree while the Foley’s sit around and watch. Mick is a slob as are the children and there is little respect for all that Colette does do which includes making six separate meals each evening. Seriously? At the Sabato house, Colette is amazed by the help she receives in making one meal for the family, but overwhelmed by the amount of housework and the rigid schedules even though she thinks it is great that Antonio takes care of himself.

At rules change, Colette is going to try to get the Sabato’s to slow down and enjoy life while Cheryl is going to try to get the Foley’s to learn some structure. As the changes take place, Cheryl leaves the kids to clean the house while she takes Mick out for a makeover which includes new teeth and a haircut. The Sabato’s are relaxing in the pool while the house turns into a disaster area! But hey, that’s life! Antonio, Colette, and Mina go to a fun park for the day and when Mick returns home from the makeover, the kids are really impressed as is Cheryl with their effort to clean the house!

At the couples meeting, ideas were exchanged with each side noting there was some definite changes which needed to be made and it seemed to be going well until Cheryl got overly sensitive by Antonio’s confession that they really needed to change from thinking everything needed to be prefect because they are not. Cheryl went off on him and even though he apologized, she left him in the limo and took a room at a hotel. She is really high-strung and acting like a complete witch! It made the Foley’s feel as though they did something wrong. In the end, Cheryl realized her over-reaction and all is well in the Sabato house, so it was not a final smackdown after all…but it was close!

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  1. Karen says

    Antonio Sabato Jr should have left her sulking in the woods having a tantrum think the Cheryl mood swing dramas would be a daily occurrence. I cannot believe she is forty one years old behaving like a child that’s not getting her own way. If she loved Antonio she wouldn’t have publicly embarrassed and humiliated him for the whole world to see. She is too high maintenance and a drama queen. It makes sense at her age why she has never married, think the guys run quickly because they see how “painful” she is. To me she isn’t a good Mom because no Mom would agree to leaving their young baby with a stranger for that long. Cheryl has serious mental problems which Antonio shouldn’t have to deal with. Get rid of the woman pay her child support, it would be a lot easier than being with someone who mentally abuses you every day. Imagine what Mommy Yvonne Sabato thinks of Cheryl now? I hope Antonio got her to sign a prenuptial agreement that’s all I’ve got to say!

  2. Nina says

    I love how in the end of the show Cheryl says she wants to be perfect because God wants us to be perfect. If she is such a religious person she should re-read the Bible and notice that the word PERFECT does not appear anywhere. Make sure you know what you are talking about Cheryl because then you come off sounding ridiculous.

  3. Chris says

    Antonio, that girl your with sucks, and is really immature. You need to get out while the gettings good. You seem like a real person, and your soon to be other half is about as bad as bad gets. Know when to get out.

  4. Andy says

    Antonio – You mentioned in the beginning of the show that you hoped that you could show people that you could keep it together in Hollywood. You showed me what a gentleman you are. You seem like a great father, loving and compassionate fiancee/husband and very level headed. Your fiancee Cheryl, however, does not give you the benefit of the doubt in an argument, is very insecure and expects you to grovel to get her approval and will not give you the benefit of the doubt.. It seems like that is how she is wired and comes from a sense of her own insecurity and self righteousness. When couples fight, they should start with the assumption that the other person loves them and this should be known through actions, time spent together, trust, love and commitment. You have spent enough time with her, but Cheryl is constantly testing you and validating that you do everything she wants you to do. You deserve much better. She is not likely to change and I strongly suggest you do not even consider marrying her unless she changes dramatically, which is not likely. I am a father of 2 kids, my wife and I both own our own professional companies and we are both very successful and driven, we stay in excellent shape and are very young looking, we still go out to clubs and parties in NYC once in a while and we have a great relationship. Our kids are also very regimented and driven, but we do have fun and maids come into our house twice a week to make sure we don’t let the house go. The kids choose their activities and it is up to them to decide if they want to sign up every year. At 7 yrs old, my son is in 4 sports and at 10 yrs old, my daughter is in 2 sports with training and activities every night of the week as well as tutoring. I wish you the best as you seem like a great guy. I am telling you what is obvious to everyone else who has seen your fiancee in action – you should leave her. Otherwise, she will drive you crazy the rest of your life by testing you, judging you and whatever you do will not be good enough. Good Luck.

  5. Linda Messina says

    Antonio – that girl you are engaged to is incredibly immature. I know you have a child together but to think that she is bringing up a daughter in whom she will instill her selfish, my way is the only way, immature values is very very worrisome. As for your son, grab him and run for your life. She (don’t know her name) is emotional kindling wood and the fire explosion WILL happen in the not too distant future. You know what I am saying is true. Pretty she is but after tonight her pretty stock went waaaaay down IMHO.

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