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American Idol Portland Auditions Recap 2/1/2012: Will Oregon Have Lots Of Gold Tickets

American Idol rolls into Portland, Oregon tonight looking to hand out lots of gold, well, gold tickets to Hollywood and a shot at winning Idol. Keep checking back to this page for the latest live updates on the auditions tonight. Ryan Seacrest opens the show saying this is the first time AI has been to Portland for auditions. We see a scan of the crowd and it looks like a wild bunch. First up is Tripster the Hipster, Brittany Zeka. She has a good voice with a smooth tone. J Lo likes it and Randy says she sounds totally different than her look. They send her to Hollywood! So the Portland auditions start out on a high note and we see a few clips of some good singers.

After the break, we see Ben from Philadelphia and he has a bad cold. He is a cable TV salesman and he tries Lady GaGa. Randy is not liking this. He tires another song and it is just as bad. Randy says it was better but still terrible. Of course he is not getting a ticket. Jermaine Jones is next and he is a church singer. Randy asks how tall he is and he say 6’8.5″. This guy has a deep and soulful voice. Steven is liking it. Randy says he likes the softness and the dynamics in his voice. Steven says he has a gift. J Lo tells him to loosen up but it is unanimous and he gets a gold ticket.

Now we get to see a mom arrive with her small kids. Britnee Kellogg is a single mom now and


following her dream. She is great and of course is going to Hollywood. J Lo talks to her about how you don’t have to leave your kids to follow your dream. Next up is Sam Gershman. The judges are looking confused here and are laughing. Steven says she is very perky and says she would be a good Easter bunny. J Lo says she should be on a stage but the judges all agree she is not Idol material.

Now we get David Weed. Yes that is his real name and he is from Idaho. He kind of has the Elvis Costello look going but not the voice. Randy asks if David really thinks he should be singing. Of course he is not getting a ticket today! Now we get Romeo Diahn from Liberia. He talks of life as a refugee and how his family made it to America. He has a good voice. Randy seems to like it. Steven says he sings from his heart. J Lo says she is worried about the songs he will have to sing. He gets a unanimous decision and a golden ticket.


Niomi Gillies sings one of Steven’s songs. She is good and gets a golden ticket. Now we get a long series of clips where disappointed people were told they just didn’t have what it takes. A really hyper guy named Ben Harrison comes in to audition. This guy looks really young and he belts out “Somebody to Love” by Queen. He blows J Lo a kiss but doesn’t get a ticket.

The show ends just like all the other auditions this year. We get Jessica Phillips and she has an incredible story. Her boyfriend had a massive stroke last year and had amnesia when he woke up. She talks of how hard the relationship is now and how she still loves him. She sings a Faith Evans song and is great. Of course she is going to Hollywood!

That’s it for Portland! Check back tomorrow for another live recap of American Idol Auditions 1012.
Photo courtesy of: FOX


  1. Amanda says

    i caught the end of brittany singing…what was she singing? i want to buy it again, but can’t remember who and what, ugh…she sounds great though : )

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