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Dr. Oz 2/2/2012: Rosie O’Donnell Confesses All Today And Iron Chef Marc Forgione

Doctor Oz has Rosie O’Donnell on the show today and she is going to be confessing some of her deepest secrets and fears about her health and life. Rosie has struggled with weight for a long time just like a lot of us. How did outside events and family history play a part in her unhealthy lifestyle? How has she dealt with her demons in order to get her life back and live happier and healthier? Today she will tell us all about her successes and her failures in keeping her diet under control. Another special guest today is Marc Forgione and he is a star of the Iron Chef TV series. Look for Marc to share some great recipes to keep our taste buds satisfied without expanding our waist lines. Check your local listings for the air time of the show in your area. CMR will have a full recap of Dr. Oz today at 5pm eastern time for those of you that can’t watch.

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