American Idol Recap 2/2/2012: St. Louis Here We Come!

American Idol heads to the “show me” state of Missouri tonight for the last round of auditions before the start of Hollywood Week. Skeptics have criticized the ratings of the show so far this year and we have to admit the auditions have been quite a snooze fest. AI seems to be focusing on the good talent but they are forgetting that the really bad auditions are what makes the show funny. Face it, things just aren’t as entertaining without Simon there to blow people out of the audition room while crushing their dreams. So far, the show has been too predictable and needs a lot more “gotcha” moments. Randy, Steven, and J Lo are just too nice. Keep checking back here or refreshing your browser as we provide another live recap of American Idol auditions if we can stay awake through the whole show. The action, or lack there of, starts at 8pm eastern time.


Johnny Keyser is up first. He is from Florida. Ok, it is predictable as usual. He is great and gets a unanimous decision to go to Hollywood. J Lo says he is gonna be a star and Randy and Steven are falling all over themselves with this guy. They go straight into clips of all the good singers and they tease us by saying some are bad. We get a quick run of auditions with the old “silent film era” feel. Lots of shots of how the potential contestants are bonding while waiting to go in front of the judges.

Oh boy, another single mom is here named Rachelle Lamb and she wants to show her daughter that


you can chase your dream no matter what. She belts out Faith Hill and is pretty good. Of course she gets a golden ticket and is heading to Hollywood! After a quick break, we get clips of more bad singers. Some would have been really funny if we had been able to see the whole audition.

Predictably, we now see Reis Kloeckiner and he tells us he was bullied as a kid. When he found music, he learned to overcome a lot. He has a good voice. Steven says it was so good he cried. J Lo agrees and Randy makes it unanimous. He gets a gold ticket! Ethan Jones enters the


audition room. He is a school drop out and has his own band. His dad suffers from addiction and is actually a musician himself. This guy has a great voice. Steven likes it. Randy says he sounds totally different than he looks. Of course he gets a ticket and he cries when he calls his dad to tell him the news.

OK, more quick clips and then we see Mark Ingram, who actually works at the Hotel where the auditions are being held. He belts out a Stevie Wonder tune and his fan club loves it. Steven says he lacked a little bit in the control department. J Lo says she wants to give him a shot but she can’t. Randy stops it and says no. It is unanimous and he is NOT going to Hollywood. Now these are the auditions we like to see!


After enduring another hour of planned emotions, we get one final audition. Lauren Gray and her family runs a one stop wedding shop and they have a band that performs at night. Her dad wants to see her on Idol so she is here to give it a try. She sings and Adele song. This young woman has a great voice. It is powerful and has a certain blues tone to it. Steven says her voice is sexy. J Lo is in tears and says she is one of the best she has heard. Randy seals the deal and she is going to Hollywood.

That’s it for all the auditions in St. Louis. Now next week we might see some drama on American Idol.

Photo courtesy of: FOX

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