Fat-urday Cheats

Dr. Oz Fat-urday Plan To Let You Cheat On Your Diet And Still Lose Weight (2/3/2012 Recap)

Doctor Oz today is all about cheating on your diet to kick your body into “weight loss” mode that will allow the pounds to melt away. The show opens with Oz saying to cheat on your diet one day a week. He challenges three women to cheat on their diet for one day and gives them $100 to spend. The women bring in all the foods they cheated with and there are all kinds of tasty and sinful treats. Linda had 3,217 calories and Michelle had 2,500 calories. Oz says we are going to have things in our life that cause us to cheat. He says that you have to cheat every once in a while to turn on your thyroid gland and tell your body to get rid of the excess pounds. Oz says he has three tips for a cheat day. The first tip is to chose a day to cheat. Second, eliminate the binging temptation. Finally, you need to have schedule so you won’t over do it.

We get a menu for our fat day. Breakfast is a turkey bacon and egg wrap. A good morning snack is a salt snack that has goat cheese and whole grain crackers. At Lunch, you should get carbs and try a whole wheat pizza. For your afternoon snack, frozen yogurt with almonds will get you over the afternoon slump. Finally, a great Fat-urday dinner is baked fries and lean steak. This whole day of great food only has less than 1400 calories.

The next segment is about cheating on your cheat foods. Substitute Taro Chips for potato chips, dark chocolate with chili pepper is great for chocoholics, Lucy’s cookies are a natural cookie that you will think are sinful but are low in calories, and Green Tea ice cream is great tasting and healthy. If you use these cheats as a substitute for your regular snack then you will keep your calorie count down even more and still satisfy your cravings.

Now we get secrets to cheat your age and make you look younger. Oz says to help get rid of crow’s feet, use a cream called argireline and it will work like botox without injections. To get rid of bags under your eyes, use ice cubes with parsely tea. For saggy skin under your neck, us a retinoid cream once a week. Finally, use a natural exfoliating mask from tomatoes, sea salt and honey and it will give your skin a more youthful glow.

June Ambrose is on the show and she is showing us how to cheat 10 pounds by picking the right jeans. It is all about contrast stitching, color, and using high heels. We see some volunteers and how they have changed. June says a big mistake we all make is buying jeans with big pockets on the front and back. June says another problem is wearing low rise jeans that cut you in the wrong places.

The final segment has Anthony Caporale and he is talking about our cocktails and making them healthier. By using fresh fruit instead of juices, you can still have your cocktails and not load up on calories. He makes a natural sangria that is all fresh fruit and alcohol.

As the show ends, Doctor Oz gives us one more tip. He says to use fat free whipped topping as a cheat for ice cream by freezing it.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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