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Kitchen Nightmares 2/3/2012: Park’s Edge Restaurant Gets Revitalized

Kitchen Nightmares is heading to Atlanta, GA where he will be trying to help Park’s Edge Restaurant and get it back on a successful track. Richard and Jorge are the owners and they are failing miserably because they don’t have a lot of experience. Ramsay opens by saying they have alienated the whole neighborhood. Chef tries the food. He thinks the menu is total chaos and has too many different styles. He starts with a grilled Caesar salad, fried oysters, and grilled salmon. He makes a big show of the salad before he tastes it and thinks it is hideous. The flash fried oysters are next and disgusting. Richard is called over to taste an oyster and he even thinks it is not good. Now the grilled salmon comes out and this is another bad looking dish. He compares the plate to the bottom of a bird cage and says it is terrible also. Richard seems shocked about the food.

Ramsay heads back to the kitchen and confronts Jorge about the food. He realizes that Jorge is fresh out of school and has no real training. He says he is not qualified to run a kitchen and Jorge tells Ramsay that he is wrong. Ramsay loses it with these guys and they argue. Jorge walks out. Ramsay realizes the problems with the neighborhood are the least of this restaurant’s problems.

After the break, Ramsay gets the details of the neighborhood problems. Richard opened without a business license or liquor license. He accused the people of being racists. Richard realizes he made a mistake and doesn’t know how to fix it. Ramsay leaves to investigate a few things and then returns to watch the dinner service. The customers start to come in and start ordering. Jorge is clearly a little disorganized and has no real management skills. Ramsay tells Richard that this is a complete mess. The customers complain about the food and dishes are heading back to the kitchen. Jorge is really defensive about his dishes. Chef Ramsay points out the problems to Richard. Richard just stands in the background the whole time and does nothing. People are leaving the restaurant without food.

Now Chef heads to the coolers and they are a mess. Old meat, rotted veggies, and other moldy food are all in the cooler. Jorge and Ramsay argue about the food again and this is getting pretty heated. Lots of “bleeping” going on in the argument. Ramsay says the owners need to get serious if they want this business to succeed.

Chef calls a staff meeting while the owners watch by video. Lots of complaints for the staff. Richard drinks all day and Jorge won’t listen to the staff and take any suggestions. The staff really lets in on Jorge and how he talks down to them. Richard and Jorge seem shocked and Ramsay brings them out to face the staff. The staff is shocked when they learn everything is out in the open now.

Richard says he was enlightened and breaks down into tears. Jorge really seems to realize his problems and apologizes. Richard really seems to get it now. Ramsay arranges for the owners to reach out to the community and try to heal those wounds. They go to a local news station and talk about how they made mistakes and want to apologize to the community. Chef remakes the restaurant and it looks totally different. He gives them a simpler and functional menu so the kitchen can be more streamlined. Jorge likes the simple approach. Ramsay brings in his team to get the staff familiar with the new menu. One chef doesn’t like the menu and confronts the owners and Ramsay.

Now for the real test as the first dinner service begins. Customers come in a the whole staff is working. Jorge is really taking the lead in running the kitchen. Matt, the chef that complained, is slacking and Ramsay confronts him. Matt is not cooking the food properly and he is not trying. This gets heated and Jorge sends him out of the kitchen. Everybody regroups and the service gets under control. Looks like this restaurant is headed for success.

As the show ends, Ramsay tells Jorge and Richard to keep up the changes he made and this business will succeed. We see that Park’s Edge is succeeding and the community is coming back to the restaurant.

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  1. Jo says

    Wow! that was a really weak effort on either the production or the overall show effort. So we are led to believe that the restaurant owners are inept and miraculously are able (30-40 minutes?) to turn the restaurant around. Wow! do you really think that people are that stupid.

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