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“Bayou Billionaires” Recap (2/4/12): Kitten Dowden Goes Hog Wild Looking for a New Pet for Nikki!

“Bayou Billionaires” on CMT this evening has Kitten looking for a new pet for granddaughter, Nikki, since her beloved kitten, Booey, died after being hit by a car. Following the family-attended funeral and burial, Kitten Dowden decides it is her mission to find a unique pet for Nikki. The first stop is to the cat sanctuary for a tiger. After that idea is shot down, she heads to the pet store for a teacup potbelly pig that goes hog wild in the house, but daughter, Valerie, is not thrilled about the idea except for the fact that when it is grown, it can be taken to the slaughterhouse. The next suggestion, a monkey, goes over like a lead balloon, leaving Kitten still on a quest and searching. So what else happened on “Bayou Billionaires” tonight?

Gerald Sr. has gotten “auction fever” and keeps bringing things home from auctions they don’t need and it has filled up the attic and barn. To solve the problem, he decides to have a yard sale and promote it through a commercial. The final edit was hysterical and brought in the customers who recognized Gerald from the TV spot. In the end, the commercial cost more than was made on the yard sale, but they had fun and got rid of a lot of junk! What was the final pet Kitten decided on for Nikki? It was a cute little black dog that even Valerie had a hard time saying no to!

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