2012 Super Bowl Matchup

The 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Battle of the Advertisers – Who Scores and Who Fumbles?

This is it…Super Bowl commercials 2012 (with game updates)! As we get ready for the kickoff of 2012 Super Bowl XLVI and the battle of the advertisers, let’s take a minute to reflect on past winners which have held our attention well past Super Bowl Sunday. For instance, the E*Trade baby, who will be making his fifth appearance. How cute is he? The always popular Budweiser Clydesdale team…will they bring it this year? It is certain many are waiting to see what Victoria Secret will bring to the screen.

Kelly Clarkson sings the National Anthem and the coin toss goes to the Patriots of the AFC…and we are off as the Patriots kick off to the Giants for the beginning of Super Bowl XLVI and the battle of the Super Bowl ads 2012!

The first ad to air this evening following the coin toss is the Hyundai “Rocky” ad which is inspiring as it shows the employees of the automotive corporation in different scenes as the theme to “Rocky” plays in the background, but it is not what one would consider comical or clever. The first post-kickoff commercials are Bud Light Platinum which is generic and the Audi “Vampire Party” which was in the Super Bowl ad preview. Funny, but not as funny as the intentional grounding called on Brady which scored two points for the Giants making the score 2-0 and bringing up a quick commercial break. These commercials were Elton John and Flava Flav for Pepsi in a rendition of “RESPECT” followed by the Hyundai turbo-charged Veloster where the cheetah gave the race win to the car and took off after the trainer.

Well, things aren’t faring too well for the Patriots as they receive a penalty for twelve men on the field and this sets up a Giants touchdown from the 2 yard line. Score 9-0 Giants. The next set of commercials includes another Bud Light Platinum (they are really pushing this beer) which is followed by the “Naked” M&M ad with “I’m Sexy.” Best Buy is up with their smartphone commercial and the Coca-Cola polar bears are crossing fingers. The final ad in this series is by Chevy for the “Mayan Holocaust 2012” to “Looks Like We Made It” where it is declared Dave didn’t make it because he drove…well, a Ford!

The next ads up are the Bridgestone tire tread football which is actually pretty creative and funny followed by GoDaddy.com’s commercial featuring Danika Patrick and Jillian Michels. The Lexus GS commercial features a little ground thumping similar to seen on Jurassic Park. The Patriots score with a field goal bringing the score to 9-3 Giants favor and another series of commercials.

The first Budweiser Clydesdale ad is aired with a blast to the past feel but in reality, it is boring! The Doritos commercial is funny where the cat is missing but mum’s the word. A Chevy replay of the “Graduation Gift” Camaro is up and followed by a joint collaboration between GE and its turbines and Budweiser which they keep cold…another boring commercial. “I Got to Pee”, however, is really funny as the little boy runs all over trying to go to the bathroom to wind up back in the pool to relieve himself! An injury on the field brings another ad. This time it is the Volkswagen “Lose the Dog Weight” to chase the car followed by the “Dark Side” Star Wars segment.

David Beckham stars in a commercial for H&M Menswear where he is wearing nothing but his name branded underwear.¬† For those who think he is HOT, this will be a great as. The Coke polar bears engage in some unorthodox ice skating as one retrieves a bottle of the soda and is unable to stop his slide. These commercials are always cute! The Chevy “We Are Young” ad featuring stunt driving by the Sonic airs.

Following the 2-minute warning are the following advertisements: Telefora.com which is another generic commercial trying to appeal to the masses through the use of a sexy model, Sketchers Greyhound race with Mark Cuban which is really funny, Kinect XBox supporting “Play 60”, and the Cars.com alter ego commercial. Just before the touchdown of the Patriots and the end of the first half, the Doritos commercial featuring the grandmother who slingshots the baby to the treehouse and the E*Trade baby in “Speed Dating” appear. The halftime score is 10-9 in favor of the Patriots. Heading into the halftime show, the NFL spins its fantasy “Million Bucks” ad and Time Warner airs one featuring Ricky Gervais and Mary-Louise Parker which is so-so.

There were a series of insignificant advertisements before the Madonna halftime show which started out with a band as she was escorted onto the stage by what seemed like a million Roman soldiers pulling an Egyptian cart as she broke into an extended version of “Vogue.” It got a little weird in the middle when LMFAO jointed her onstage to sing “I’m Sexy” and then Nicki Minaj appeared as one of the dancers. Cee Lo Green joined her toward the end, first with a scene from Drumline then with a troupe of gospel singers for the final number. It was a visual spectacular but not really well researched and the different themes (or combination) made little sense.

“The Voice” ninja fighting ad was pretty cool with Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine busting in on Betty White. The most inspirational ad of the evening, however, has to be the one with Clint Eastwood and a message for Americans brought from Detroit and the Chrysler Corporation. Very moving! This was just before the Patriots scored a touchdown bringing the score to 17-9 Patriots lead! But wait…there’s a field goal by the Giants making the score 12-17 Patriots and bringing more commercials.

The next set of ads is a sexified commercial for the Fiat Abarth, a Pepsi replay where the Coke distributor wins Pepsi for life, the Camry “Reinvents” commercial featured in the preview, the Coke polar bear venting, John Stamos being headbutted in a Oikos yogurt ad, and a Century 21 bit featuring Apolo Ono, Dion Sanders, and Donald Trump. An injury break brings immediately more commercials like the Jerry Seinfeld “Transitions” ad from Acura which was featured in the preview as well.

Budweiser debuts another history lesson of moments or trend events through time which is better than the first but really not inspiring or creative. So far tonight, this usually top runner has created nothing but a series of fumbles! Bridgestone, on the other hand, has had several really creative commercials including the next one which is a tire tread basketball which does not wake the baby as Steve Nash and Tim Duncan illustrate. The Giants score another field goal and the score is now 15-17 in favor of the Patriots leading into an NFL “Through History” commercial which was well done and an extremely boring Ford F150 ad with George Clooney commentating!

The Matthew Broderick “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” commercial for the Honda CRV is shown which is featured in the preview post followed by a cartoon-inspired ad for MetLife. There is another plug for “Smash” which premieres tomorrow night after “The Voice” on NBC and it is another injury timeout. A creative ad by Hyundai that could be called “Reviving the Boss” airs as well as a mildly creative and funny Bud Light commercial where a cute little dog answers to “Here We Go” by always bringing the beer. We are into the the final quarter when the Kia Optima “Mr. Sandman” commercial airs just before the CareerBuilder.com ad where the monkeys are back in business. There is an injury break which brings advertisements from Samsung Galaxy Note with has got to be the stupidest commercial tonight and when we return to the game, Manning completes an amazing pass to Manningham which is reviewed but stands, moving the ball from the 12 yard line to midfield and sets up the final touchdown to bring the score to 21-17 Giants lead.

At the 2-minute warning, the commercials aired are Cadillac ATS from “Green Hell” and GoDaddy.com featuring the Pussycat Dolls. Both not really remarkable. In fact, there have not been any really spectacular commercials this year to speak of with disappointing attempts by Budweiser and GoDaddy.com as well as no ad from Victoria Secret which made watching the game easier to see Eli Manning and the New York Giants as the team who wins the Super Bowl tonight 21-17!

My personal pick for comical ad of the night goes to the the M&M Party cause I LOVE these guys!

Before you leave tonight, make sure you provide a comment as to which commercials you felt were touchdowns and which ones were fumbles for a followup report.

Image courtesy of the NFL and video clips courtesy of YouTube

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