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60 Minutes 2/5/2012: Dolly Parton Meryl Streep And Anna Wintour Get Up Close And Personal

60 Minutes tonight is a special episode that features interviews with Dolly Parton, Meryl Streep, and Anna Wintour as Morley Safer will go in depth with these icons. Dolly Parton will talk about how people underestimate her because she is a woman. Parton has enjoyed a successful career in movies, music and business and Safer says she may be one of the most shrewd business women on the planet. Anna Wintour is the editor in chief of American Vogue magazine. She is a powerful force in the fashion world and has a unique talent for finding new and up coming designers. She is also known for her aloof personality that is said to be the basis of Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Meryl Streep is nothing short of a Hollywood icon. She is one of those rare actors that don’t just play a role, but rather becomes the character. Streep has had a long and very remarkable career in Hollywood. Tune in to CBS at 8pm eastern time to catch Morley Safer’s interviews with these powerful women. If you miss the show, you can keep checking back to this page for our full recap and all the details.

The first segment gets up close with Dolly Parton. First, we see Dolly breaking out into a song that she loved as a kid. She talks of how she was impressed by the town tramp when she was younger and that is the persona she wanted to portray. She remembers how difficult is was to make it in Nashville. Once she got her big break, she never looked back. The singer has created a theme park and is really a very shrewd business woman. She demanded total control of her

Dolly Parton

music early on and says she is all business. Morley asks about her plastic surgeries. She says she has had a lot of “tune ups” and is happy with it. She still lives in the hills of TN near the little house she grew up in. Even though she has larger mansions elsewhere, this is what she calls home. Carl Dean is her husband of 45 years and he stays out of the limelight. Morely shows her a tape with all her family from years ago and it brings her to tears. She ends the interview saying she is just a working girl making the best of what God gave her.

The second segment is with Anna Wintour and how she is a feared and revered icon in the fashion world. People call her Darth Vader in a frock. Morely starts out by asking about her biography.

Anna Wintour

She says she likes people that represent the best and if that is being a perfectionist then, yes she is one. Vogue is facing tough times and Anna is involved in every detail of the magazine. She talks of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and how her character was really exaggerated. If she is hard on people, she says it is because she has a job to do and she is going to make sure that job is the best. Anna says she enjoys fashion and looking great all the time is her mission. She seems to want to practice what she preaches in the fashion world. She doesn’t criticize a designer but she just ignores the ones that bore her. This allows her the power to help choose who succeeds and who fails in the fashion industry. She is very active in promoting causes that interest her. Morely asks if she thinks her time is limited in the fashion industry. She says there are lots of people waiting to take her place and she will gladly relinquish her throne when the time comes.

The final interview is with Meryl Streep. She is a Hollywood icon that is one of the most believable actors in the business. Streep talks of how she becomes the characters she portrays and that is what she enjoys most about her career. They talk about how Margaret Thatcher changed how women were perceived in politics and how she admires women like that. She has been happily married for over 35 years. Morely shows her a clip from a high school yearbook. She says she didn’t like the movies of her day but loved the classics and studied at the Yale Drama School. Meryl talks of how she thinks it is wrong for people to be typecast and everyone is capable of playing any part. She has tried to show that in her long career. She resents the statement about her playing strong minded women and says no one ever says a man plays a lot of strong minded men. Meryl likes movies that have a small budget because they are limited in the number of takes they can do. She says the worst part of being in a movie is doing the same scene over and over again. Morely asks if she is like Thatcher in any way and she says it is her determination and drive that is similar.

That is the show for tonight. Check back next week for another recap of 60 Minutes.

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