Lady Gaga Reveals Stage for 'Born This Way Ball’

Lady Gaga Reveals Stage for ‘Born This Way Ball’

At the stroke of midnight in New York on February 7, Lady Gaga took to Twitter to reveal a sketch of the stage for her “Born This Way Ball” tour for 2012-2013. She built up to the big event by teasing fans with a tweet hours earlier, saying, “Ok Little Monsters! I will tweet the new stage in exactly 8 hrs and 30 minutes. Midnight, New York Time. Don’t Be A Drag Just Be A Queen.” Prior to showing the image, she explained the design of the tour, which includes a central area within the stage known as “The Monster Pit.”  Apparently, this area will be General Admission only, and entry will be based on those who arrive to the arena or stadium first.  Little Monsters, be prepared to spend the night in line if you want to be in this special area!

Of course, many concertgoers to General Admission events are used to putting in the necessary time to reap the rewards of a good spot by the stage.  Plus, as if being in the exclusive “Monster Pit” isn’t enough incentive to sleep on the street, every night “Haus of Gaga” will choose fans from the pit to go back stage and meet Gaga herself!

These days, to score a spot in an exclusive area near the stage such as this “Monster Pit” people would spend exorbitant amounts of money, sometimes even thousands of dollars.  Fortunately, Lady Gaga is giving those with less money a chance to be in the exclusive area.  She has pointed out that for the tour, these tickets will not be more expensive than other tickets. This is great news to her younger fans, which are often relegated to the nosebleed seats because they can’t afford the outrageous broker costs of the best tickets.

The image of the stage for the Born This Way Ball tour is shown below. What do you think? Will you be one of the thousands of fans sleeping on the street to secure a spot in the Monster Pit?

Lady Gaga Reveals Stage for 'Born This Way Ball’

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball' Tour stage

Content and photo Credit: Lady Gaga


  1. pawsup says

    This stage might suck a**… Can’t she do things without beign excentrical? GOSH , this chick is a pain. Seriously… I mean, is she stupid or what? The fans will gonna “see her” INSIDE that house or what? LITTLE MONSTERS… WAKE UP guys.

  2. Zack Leedy says

    Lady Gaga is such an inspiration. Her dedication to her fans, is like no other. I cannot wait until this next tour it is going to be EPIC. Paws up, Little Monsters !

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