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Dr. Oz 2/8/2012: Paul McKenna And The Gastric Hypnotic Band To Lose Weight


Doctor Oz opens the show today introducing the gastric hypnotic band and how Paul McKenna is using this to help people lose weight. Paul says nothing works for everyone but this program has worked for 70% of his patients. He addresses the critics about hypnosis and says many studies have been done to show it actually works to change behavior. He has hypnotized some members of the audience before the show. Oz seems amazed and asks the women if they think they were hypnotized and they say no. We get some women who are using McKenna’s system and how it is working for them. They all have symptoms of gastric bypass patients and get nausea and feel full really fast. All of these women are losing weight just like people who have had a real gastric bypass.

After the break, Paul talks about how hypnosis is a great tool to help you maintain your weight. He says he works on the inside and gets your mind willing so your body will follow. We see one of his patients that has lost over 200 pounds. She says she failed at all other diets and only McKenna has been able to help her. McKenna now talks about the metabolism and how we all need it. He tries to hypnotize the audience to associate exercise with pleasure.

Now Oz shifts gears and is talking about how the pancreas effects your body and your weight. The pancreas actually tells the body how much insulin it needs and produces insulin. Insulin is used by the body to help us get the sugar out of our blood. Processed sugar actually makes the blood thicker and insulin thins our blood back out. By eating a lot of sugar, we actually make our blood thicker and the pancreas has to try to correct this. When the sugar overwhelms the production of insulin, we get fat that is deposited all over the body. We get a list foods that can help to lower our blood sugar naturally. Starting with bread, white bread is the worst, whole wheat is next, and pumpernickel bread is the best. White rice is another food that will spike our sugar. Replacing it with brown rice is better but barley is the best replacement. By substituting these foods and choosing natural sugars over processed sugar, we can lose belly fat and cut our risk for diabetes.

Jim Karas come on the show and he is sharing his secrets to losing weight. He says we should front load our diet. This means start our day with the larger meals and eat smaller meals at night. He give us three steps to be successful. The first step is to eat dairy and protein in the morning. Second, we should eat foods high in fiber and it will keep us feeling full so we won’t eat as much. Artichokes and pears are a great source of natural fiber. Third, we should use strength training more to build muscle and that muscle will cause us to burn more calories and tighten our body. Work out 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Karas gives us a list of restaurant meals that are under 500 calories. First is Chinese food. Beef and broccoli with chicken pot stickers are a great meal and it is under 500 calories. He says to stay away from the rice, especially brown rice cooked in butter. Mexican food is great and Karas says fajitas with corn tortillas are a great meal under 500 calories. He says guacamole and chips are a diet buster so stay away from them. Italian food is another popular restaurant choice and he says to chose the grilled fish with asparagus and you will stay under 500 calories. Staying away from the bread dipped in olive oil is your diet buster in an Italian restaurant.

Oz gives one more bonus tip as the show ends. He says if we have to eat pasta then we should order it al dente so it doesn’t spike our blood sugar. For more information on any of the topics today, you can go to Oz’s web site by following the link below.
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