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American Idol 2/8/2012: Hollywood Week Begins (Recap)

American Idol Hollywood week will cut the 300 golden ticket holders down to 70 and hopefully we will see a more lively show tonight. The auditions this year have given us a case of the blues and the show is suffering from a major case of “Boring!” We are bringing another live recap of all the action on American Idol tonight. So keep refreshing your browser to get the latest updates as they happen.
The show is starting so here we go!

The show opens with shots of the golden ticket holders getting ready and heading to Hollywood. 309 people will be narrowed down to only 70. Half of the contestants will be tonight and half tomorrow. They will be singing in groups of 10 and it is sudden death.

The first group is up. He June, Johnny Keyser, and Gabby all make it. Seven are gone! The second group comes in and we see Baylie Brown giving it her all. Hallie Day also belts out another great vocal. Both ladies make it through. OK, this is going to be another fast paced show that is glossing over the actual talent.

Jen Hirsh

The third group is up and Jen Hirsh is up first. You can tell she is a little nervous. Lauren Gray is so into singing she doesn’t see Randy trying to stop her. Jen and Lauren both make it. We now see quick clips of some singers having problems. Some even beg for a little more time to impress the judges.

The next line comes in and we see Phil Phillips and he is just a country boy in a big city. His performance was a little off tonight. Reed Grimm proves to be a joker when he sings “I got a golden ticket” from the Willy Wonka movie. Travis Orlando is the third up in this group. He seems a little nervous but he is hitting the right notes. Phillip and Reed make it through but Travis will be going back home. He is clearly upset and is in tears. We see clips of more people that didn’t make the cut. Some really good singers just couldn’t get it together in Hollywood.

Day two begins with Adam Brock and he is really missing his new daughter. He puts a lot of effort into his song. Jane Carrey, Jim Carrey’s daughter, is up next. She is pretty good. Joe and Jane Carrey are eliminated but all 7 of the others make it through.


More quick clips of people begging to get another chance after not being good enough. Randy tells a group than none of them should have to beg and they should be great on the one chance they get. We see Shannon Magrane and she is the one Steven had the hots for. David Leathers is up next and he and Shannon might have a little romance getting started. Jessica Phillips is up next and she is great again. Of course, they and 4 others all make it to the next level. We see more clips of people that make it and people that don’t.

In the final segment of tonight’s show, we see Erika Van Pelt is on the stage and she is good. Creighton Fraker also wows the judges. Aaron Marcellus hits all the right notes. All three make it through. The final group hits the stage. Lauren Mink start it off on a good note but she is changing key in the middle of the song. Jeremy Rosado belts out Luther Vandross to perfection. Now, Symone Black takes the stage. She is very good and the judges like it. She passes out on stage and falls. The medics rush in. The show ends there and we will have to watch tomorrow to see if she is OK.

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