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Kris Allen Performs New Music for Small Audience in LA! CMR Exclusive Pics And Video

Former American Idol Kris Allen performed several new songs on Thursday night to an intimate crowd at The Mint in Los Angeles. Many fans flew in from around the country to join locals in being the first to hear his new music. Kris will be releasing his sophomore album in the next few months and this is the first time that the majority of these songs have been played in front of an audience.
Fans were treated to an 11 song acoustic set, with mostly new music. It included only two from his debut album and he also did a cover tribute to pop superstars Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. The remaining songs are all new and will hopefully be on his next album. Kris was his usual playful self, joking with the crowd. For example, he forgot the lyrics to Katy Perry’s “Firework” and just sang “I forgot the lyrics…”

Fans have been waiting a long time to hear new music from Kris and they were not disappointed! The acoustic set allowed his voice to shine, and the small, intimate setting of The Mint was the perfect venue to showcase the new songs. Kris has not given a date yet for the release of his sophomore album, but if this concert is an indication of what’s to come, get ready for a treat!
Check out one of the new songs Kris performed below (listed as “Monster” on the set list) in our exclusive You Tube Video.

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  1. M says

    Nice write up. Thanks. I was at the show. It was a wonderfully intimate setting which was perfect for Kris and his L.A. fans. Lots of suits there too as well as some of the people who co wrote with Kris for the new CD. He said in another interview we were looking at end of May, early June for the CD and SOON…sometime this month for the single.

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