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Hurricane Irene Takes on the Clampets in the Hamptons on “My Big Redneck Vacation” (recap)

Hurricane Irene takes on the Clampets in the Hamptons on “My Big Redneck Vacation” tonight. See how the South handles the threats by Mother Nature in the North~

This episode starts with the Clampet Clan deep sea fishing off the Marlin IV Princess. On the way out, they pass a Redneck Yacht Club which is the equivalent to a bunch of camping RVs on the beach. The catch for the day includes several bluefish, a striped bass, and a starfish. Yeehaw!

Leave it to rednecks to know how to prepare for a hurricane as they start to “button down the hatches” for Hurricane Irene which is due to hit the shore in a couple of days. The make a list of the necessities which includes plywood for windows (check), batteries for flashlights (check), water (check), ice (check), and plenty of beer (check)! Several members head in to town to get groceries while others go through the neighborhood to help anyone needing it.

Those at the store stock up on plenty of chips but are unable to locate Chef Boy-R-Dee…hey, what kind of town is this anyway? How are they gonna survive with the basic food group? After all the plywood is attached to the house, the guys decide to prep the yard for a mud hole and take the trucks out to tear up the yard. Michelle goes crazy and calls Mike Russo, the wedding planner, about it. He tells her to calm down and h will see her after the storm. Okay, one crisis averted.

The guys are passed out as the hurricane passes but in the morning, there is still electricity. They are good to go and after having been cooped up like the chickens outside, it is time to get muddy. Out come the four-wheelers and there goes the grass as well as the security deposit. The clan goes to the neighbors house, Steve and Kate, to ask if they want to come out and play? Seriously? What are they thinking standing there covered in mud from head to toe? Well, they are game and show up just in time but are they really ready for all this redneck fun?

Heck yeah! They risk the first muddy cruise and then decide to take the bull by the horns as Liam tries his hand at muddin’. Things are going okay until Kate gets stuck but she pulls through. Steve is next and gets stuck and it seems the more they try to dig themselves out, the deeper they go until…rocking loosens the muddy grip and they are out! It’s time for mud sledding and Kate grabs a beer cause she’s gonna need some extra courage. Steve makes it through clean while Kate takes a dump into the drink (well, it is said that mud is good for the skin!). To even the score, the guys drag Steve into the mud before everyone jumps into the pool for a quick rinse. Boy, have these rednecks made a mess of this place but brought some fun to the otherwise tightwad neighborhood. It will be interesting to see how the wedding goes!

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