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“Survivor One World” Premiere Recap: Season 23 Brings Two Tribes, One Camp, and NO Rules!


“Survivor One World” premiere tonight featured two tribes, one camp, and no rules, so this might just be the season of scandals, but then hasn’t each one to some degree? This marks the beginning of “Survivor” season 23 and for those who missed the show, this is what happened on “Survivor” tonight~

The show immediately started out with the first twist of the season which is the two tribes are different. The Manono Tribe (orange) is an all-male review while the Salani Tribe (blue) is an all-female contender. The tribes are given one minute to get as much stuff off the truck as they can. While the women are throwing tings to the side, Michael is stealing them for the guys, including an ax. Jeff Probst informs the two tribes of the second twist – there is no Redemption Island this year so there are no “second chances” and when you are voted off by the tribe, you are gone for good! As he sends them packing to their respective camps, he fails to inform them of the third twist which is they will be spending the days on “Survivor” in one camp…hence the name, One World! And the “Battle of the Sexes” begins…

As the girls see their flag and realize they have reached camp, they are taken aback by the presence of another flag…the Manono Tribe. Just as the guys figure out the same thing, a couple of the girls spot chickens and realize there are four of them and ask the guys to help catch them and they will split them equally. Chelsea, the country girl, snags two of the chickens by herself and Matt, the GQ attorney, wants her to relinquish one. When she refuses, stating they might be willing to trade one for something the guys have they need, he gets pissed off, saying she will come to her senses soon which translates into “I’m so good-looking, she’ll find it hard to resist me and when she apologizes and we get a chicken, I’ll stomp on her to teach her a lesson!” Yep, this is going to be an interesting season for sure!

Some members of each tribe start creating shelters but Colton decides he is going to befriend the girls and they nickname him “Country Club Colton.” The girls call the main four alliance of the men the “Frat Boy Alliance” and Colton is informed by Matt, the perceived leader of Manono, if he wants to stay, he needs to play spy for them against the girls. One of the core male alliances is Matt, Mike, Jay, and Bill while the females are completely disorganized with no leadership but a lot of nitpicking! Matt asks for help in staying in the game by being given an idol if they find it. Sabrina just so happens to find the idol but it is the Manono Tribe idol which she has to give away. She gives it to Colton following the chaos at the immunity challenge.

The immunity challenge is called after Courtney injures her hand. Jeff gives the men a chance to show good faith and continue the challenge even though the women are one person short. They are sissies and call for a forfeit, sending the Salani Tribe to council. The women are pissed and out for blood, but the dissension in the tribe between Christina and Alicia is palatable. At tribal council, the group is told about Courtney who is removed from the game as her hand is broken. They get fire but told that unless they pull it together and get organized, they will be plucked off one by one. Will they take the advice? We’ll see next week as they face another challenge against the guys who, as of right now, have the upper hand!

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