World's Dumbest

“World’s Dumbest” Highlights Dumb Brawlers from the Subway and Russia Tonight on TruTV

“World’s Dumbest” features “Brawlers 11” tonight on TruTV beginning at 9 PM. Nope, this is not like “Ocean’s 11” where the same group of dumb-basses get together for a new series of stupid acts (oh, wait…yep, it is more like a new episode of “Jacka**!”) What could be more dumb than the group of guys doing stupid things like blowing themselves up in a porta-potty? Dumb videos clips of brawlers who could not make the cut for “America’s Funniest Video” being commentated by some of the world’s dumbest individuals like Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding, Daniel Baldwin, and Todd Bridges because we all know their careers didn’t really go anywhere!

So what’s on the menu of features for this evening? Well, it looks like stupidity is not just an American past time as shown in the clip about subway sparring. TruTV exposes the underworld of Russian billionaire brawling on the small screen as well. Check in tonight to find out how “stupid flows” as this quartet let the comments fly!

Image courtesy of TruTV

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