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Dr. Oz 2/20/2012: New Supplements To Blast Away Your Belly Fat

Today, Doctor Oz is talking about fat blasting supplements that promise to speed up your metabolism and jump start your diet. He promises to reveal a new miracle supplement that will get rid of your stubborn belly fat in a safe way. Deepak Chopra, who co-founded the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, will be on the show to give us tips on getting our mind and body working together to manage stress. Chopra is an expert at revealing how we need to balance our physical, emotional, and mental states so we can get our overall health to improve. Oz will be giving us 4 new supplements that are supposed to help us lose weight and will also be talking about stress management, and Nutrition. Check your local listings for the time Dr. Oz airs in your area and if you miss the show, come back to CMR at 5pm for a full recap of all the latest news Oz is talking about. click here for our recap.
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  1. Donna says

    Vitamin World gets this supplement in stock at least 2xs/week. I called. but you have to be sure the word Satiereal is on the bottle. Not sure if this is a brand name or what..Good luck

  2. Jill De La CErda says

    were can you buy saffron extract? I have looked on the internet and when to whole foods no luck can you please tell me

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