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Dr. Oz 2/22/2012: New Ways To Blast Away Fat On Your Rear End

Today on Doctor Oz, we are getting a new four step plan that is supposed to blast away the fat on your posterior and new foods we need to be eating to trim our backside. Let’s face it, our rear ends are probably the toughest spot on the body to trim down. In the teasers from yesterday, we see Oz saying he actually wants us to eat carbs to trim our rear. Is it possible to eat the right carbs and get our back side slimmer? We will find out today. Other guests on the show today include Bruce Wylde and Kristin Kirkpatrick. Look at your local listings for the time Oz comes on in your area. If you miss the show, you can check back on CMR for a full recap at 5pm eastern time. Click here for our recap of today’s show.
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