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“Survivor One World” Recap: It’s Just One Knot After Another!


Tonight on “Survivor One World,” it is the men continuing to try to undermine the women in this season of boys vs. girls! Last week, it was Matt Quinlan who seemed to be the undeclared “Leader of the (Frat) Pack” while there was no real distinct leadership in the Salani Tribe of women who seems to be more focused on making friends with the guys than actually forming a team of competitors. Will the Manono Tribe continue to roll over the women or will they heed the advice of host Jeff Probst and get it together? It makes one wonder who this week’s title “Total Dysfunction” applies to? So what DID happen on “Survivor” tonight? Find out who was cast off the island at tribal council~

Michael and a couple of the guys meet the girls at their camp following tribal council to find out what happened. They were disappointed to find out no additional members of the Salani Tribe were cast off the island except for Kourtney who was injured in last week’s challenge. They didn’t even hint at being upset over the fact she had multiple breaks and required surgery!

Alicia confronts Christina about her behavior at tribal council and supposedly all is forgotten. The tribe chooses Sabrina as the leader who states there should be three major concerns: water, food, and shelter. Monica takes water while Kat and Alicia opt for food but wind up taking a dip in the ocean instead of actually looking for bananas in the jungle…women, I mean girls! The tribes receive “tree mail” which includes three boxes. The directions are to take the three boxes to a neutral area before reading the challenge which is a “do-it-yourself” test of teamwork and untying knots. The reward? A trap to keep out of the rain which is coming. While it seems the women have this is the bag, the guys pull out at the last minute to win. They receive the tarp but it is up to the tribes to decide what they will do with the ropes.

The Manono Tribe work together to create a shelter while Colton sits around like a diva. He heads over to the Salani Tribe who feel he is a drama queen and are becoming unwelcoming as he seems to want to become a member of their tribe even though he is a member of the male one. They send him packing. Is he crazy or just really manipulative? Either way, the women cannot risk him telling any camp secrets to the guys.

Back at the Manono Tribe, Tarzan is doing some kind of faux tribal dance around the campfire…my eyes are burning! Please! STOP! I could have totally lived the rest of my life without that image being burned into my memory! Colton reaches into his bag and pulls out the individual immunity idol. Either he is going to make a really BIG move in this game or he is the stupidest person ever to live in “Survivor” history! There is a “Misfit Five” alliance created with Colton as the King followed by Tarzan, Troyzan, Leif, and Jonas. Will he rule the roost when the members go to council? We will see, but after the next immunity challenge, it is not tonight.

The immunity challenge places the women and men on a log where one member must “leap frog” past another along the log without touching a second person and without falling off. Kat is the lead person for the Salani Tribe while Leif is the lead person for the Manono Tribe. Tarzan sits out. Leif gets through with only one fall while Kat cannot get going even after the men have several finished. Monica takes over and it is a constant dysfunctional trading of places with no females making it through until Monica finally reaches the platform. It is too late, though, as the men finish, leaving all the women looking dumbfounded. There will be one more female going home tonight, but who?

At the Salani Tribe camp, Monica and Nina are at the bottom of the pool with Nina likely to go home, but feel it should be Kat who actually lost the challenge out of stupidity. Nina appeals to Chelsea from the alliance of five who talks to other members and although they see the point, will they turn on an alliance member? At tribal council, Nina asks for Kat to tell what life experiences she brings to the table which are none and as Kat takes responsibility for the loss as a martyr, she cries like a baby which will get her kept. They are, after all, women…and an embarrassment to us all! Alicia who holds a vengeance against Christina votes for her while Nina receives the most votes and most likely voted for Kat. As Nina exits, you wonder when it will sink into these bimbos how to play the game!

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