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Doctor Oz Today 2/23/2012: 4 Unusual Reasons For Fatigue

The Dr. Oz Show opens today with Oz giving us some unusual reasons we get fatigue and he says doctors are just learning about these new causes. First, Oz says bad bacteria in your stomach can cause you to be tired. He says H Pylori is a bacteria in the stomach and most people don’t even know they have it. You can even get this from kissing. You can find out if you have this by a simple breathing test. It is easily treated with antibiotics. Next, Oz says that if we do not gargle in the morning, phlegm builds up and it can actually block air flow to the lungs. This causes us to breath through the mouth. Breathing through your mouth decreases the oxygen in your blood. So Oz says make sure we gargle first thing in the morning. Third, too much caffeine in the morning can cause you to get dehydrated. When we sleep, our body expels water. By not replenishing our body with water in the morning, it causes us to lose hydration and we get tired. Oz says we should drink one glass of water for every cup of coffee we have in the morning.

The next segment is about ways to treat fatigue. First, if we eat eggs and cantaloupe in the morning, we get protein and sugar and will have energy. Next, Cordyceps Mushrooms grow out of the head of a caterpillar. Cordyceps Mushrooms are available in a supplement and we need 4g a day. Third, Nopal Cactus supplement, 1000mg a day, will help detox your body and give you energy. Finally, Oz shows us an exercise called “the walrus” where we lay on the floor and pull ourselves up like a walrus does. It looks simple but the volunteers say it is hard.

Samantha Heller is on the show talking about how we can sabotage our diet and not even know it. Oz says it is important not to deprive ourselves with a diet but to be smart about our portions. First is peanut butter and Samantha says by licking the spoon after spreading it on bread, we can gain up to 8 pounds a year. Next is yogurt and she says by licking the extra yogurt on the lid will add 2 pounds over a year. Third is baked potato chips. Heller says by eating all the crumbs in the bottom of the bag can add 2 pounds of extra weight in a year. Finally, by eating the extra mashed potatoes left over in the pot can add 3 pounds in a year. Oz says this is 15 pounds a year and we don’t even notice it because these are just little things.

Oz now has substitutions for cooking that will help us keep our diet on track. First, use canned pumpkin instead of butter and we should mix it 50/50 with butter for baking. this cuts calories and fat and you will not notice a difference. Next, instead of cream, use silken tofu and we will lower our cholesterol and reduce fat. Third, mayonnaise is a diet killer and we can use avacado greek yogurt as a healthy substitute. This has the same consistency as mayonnaise and adds great taste to sandwiches. Finally, use banana puree as a substitute for half of the sugar in any baking recipe. It lowers the calories and still retains the flavor. By making these small changes, Oz says we can help keep our family healthy and happy.

The final segment has Anne Burrell giving us an Oz approved Italian recipe. She makes a pesto with broccoli rabe, pistachios, greek yogurt, and olive oil. Mix all this in a food processor. Add seasoning to taste. Brown up some turkey sausage and add you pasta in the pan. Then mix in the pesto sauce and add a little parmesan cheese. Oz says this dish has only 15 grams of fat and it still tastes great.

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  1. marisol says

    Hi Doreen,

    I just came across your website and it’s really informative. Are the products of Dr Oz available in the Philippines? And are you Filipino, by any chance? His show doesn’t air here, or it does maybe, very late. I hope to hear from you. :-)


    I am filipino but I was born and raised in the US. I watch the show locally here in South Carolina and i am a big fan.


  2. Sandra says

    I watched the show today, but I did not catch the name of the Asia fruit Dr Oz spoke of that is a good way to prevent craving sweets. Would love to know what it is, but can’t find that info online.

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