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Dr. Oz 2/27/2012: Busting Diet Myths To See What Is Making You Fat

Doctor Oz is talking about diets again today and will be revealing five myths that can be sabotaging your weight loss and keeping you fat. The show will feature Dr. Jeff Werber and be all about diet, nutrition, anti aging, and weight loss. So what are these myths? The teasers for the show have looked at things like eating after 8pm, drinking diet sodas, and those dreaded carbs. Oz is also supposed to reveal a new “miracle must have” for your kitchen to get those pesky pounds to go away. He will also be talking about new anti aging treatments. Oz comes on at various times across the US so check your local listings for the time in your area. If you can’t watch the show today, check here on CMR for a full recap of all the latest diet secrets Dr. Oz is recommending. Click here for our recap.
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