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“Survivor One World” Recap: Is One World Out the Window as Men Demand and Women Resist?

Tonight on Survivor One World, Mother nature rolls in with a massive storm which leaves the women chilled to the bone and without a fire to dry out or cook food. The men, on the other hand, have had a relatively restful night under the tarp and heated by a fire which continues to burn.

An the rain continues to pour, the Salani and Manono tribes face off in a reward challenge where they will be playing to win a fishing supply kit with nets as well as a canoe. Who will be victorious? It is a memory test game where they need to place items in an exact order to win. First up is Sabrina and Matt. Sabrina quickly makes mince meat of Matt giving the women a 1-0 lead. Next is Monica against Colton who wins it for the women again. 2-0. Alicia takes on Jay as she gets it together for the girls with another win putting them up 3-0. Kat and Troyzan have several misses before it is Kat who takes the win and moves the women in for the kill with Christina shutting down Bill before he evens gets started. The women win their first challenge and get a taste of victory.

Back at the camps, the women ask the men for an ember to start a fire as everything they have is wet. In exchange, they want to use the canoe but Alicia says she cannot answer for the tribe and needs to find out, in a vote, what the consensus is. Seriously? This is why there is no leadership in the Salani tribe because EVERYONE is afraid to step up and take charge! Make a flippin’ decision already! I am sorry, but I am with the guys on this one!

The women decide to take out the canoe and try their hand at fishing. Three women, three fish and even though they are small, the women are heading in the right direction toward being self-sufficient in this game. The immunity challenges delivers the men yet another shocker this week. Bill and Sabrina are selected as the callers for a challenge where the callers must guide the remaining team members who have been paired through an obstacle course to retrieve puzzle pieces. The men get out to a commanding lead with all five bags gathered before the women even have two. Bill needs to assemble the puzzle which looks like the tree of life. With at least a five minute advantage, the women finally get in the game as all bags are gathered and Sabrina starts assembling the puzzle. Since this is a team challenge, the women pull together and start helping Sabrina figure out where the pieces go while the men simply look on as Bill struggles to figure it out. The teams tie and at the last minute, Sabrina pulls out another win for the Salani tribe which means they have back-to-back wins and will not be going to tribal council!

Back at camp, the men break into alliance to discuss who is to be cast out at tribal council tonight on “Survivor.” Matt seems to think he has the leadership role in a bag as he takes Troyzan aside and states all the roosters need to stick together. This is relayed back to the misfit alliance who switches the vote from Bill to Matt leaving Matt blindsided at tribal council. At tribal council, Colton reveals to all the other tribe members that he holds the immunity idol as well as alliances with several of the women so he is firmly in charge which is a fact recognized by Tarzan at council. Will the “Queen Bee” continue to rule the roost on the Manono tribe or now that Matt has been eliminated, will there be new alliances formed? Next week should be really interesting!

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