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Dr. Oz Today: Oz Faces Critical Men And Mens Health Issues 3/1/2012

Doctor Oz will face men, who say their wives are constantly bugging them, and he reveals three new health tests all men should get. The show starts with Oz standing in front of a group of men who hate him. He says their wives are on them all the time and they complain that they are eating bird food and other nasty stuff. One guy even gets advice on pooping. They have started a web site called ihatedoctoroz.com to vent their frustrations. Oz offers a compromise to the guys and asks the women to remember his advice but not to keep bugging their husbands. He says if they will do three things, he will try to lay off. First, Blood Pressure is the first thing Oz says you need to monitor. Your ideal pressure should be be 115/75 and just a 10 point boost can be deadly. One guy takes a pressure test and scares him because his blood pressure is too high. Oz asks are chips, popcorn, or bread the highest in salt. It is salt and Oz says this can sabotage us. Now we get the second guy and he talks of how his wife is on him about the toilet bowl. Oz says his second tip is about the prostate. He shows them how to examine their prostate. He says is your prostate has a nodule that it could be a problem. The guy reluctantly agrees to check at home. The third guy talks about memory loss. The third thing Oz wants to check is blood sugar. He says that the symptoms of diabetes cause problem in the brain and are similar to alzheimer’s disease. Oz says blood sugar levels over 100 can put you at risk for alzheimer’s. Those are three simple things that could save your life.

Now we get wives asking health questions about their men. First, should the testicles be even? Oz says 90% of the time testicles are uneven. He says they should be about the size of walnuts or less and you are fine as long as both are the same size. Second, are man boobs a problem? Oz says that this can be a problem when men grow breasts. Estrogen, the cause of these man boobs, can be reversed if caught early. Third, when is it safe to have intimate time after a heart attack? Oz says it is OK if they pass the stress test. You should do a toe test and feel if it is warm and he can feel it when you tickle it. If this is OK then you can do the “wild thing” again.

Oz gets serious now and talks about mixing our medications with alcohol. Oz mentions the recent death of Whitney Houston. Pain Killers, cough medicine, anti anxiety meds are powerful and mixing these with alcohol can be deadly. About 20% of ER admissions are from people mixing these drugs with alcohol. You should look at how you drink and the medications you take. timing is everything and if you have been drinking, maybe you should skip the meds.

Now we get cheap and easy cures from the drug store. Witch Hazel is a great way to treat hemorrhoids. Zinc Gluconate lozenges are a proven way to lower the duration of the common cold. Nettle Teas are a great way to treat and prevent seasonal allergies. All these remedies are readily available at your local drug store and can save you money.

Dr. Rosemary Ingleton is on the show to talk about dry skin. There are three reasons that you get dry skin. First, a hot shower irritates your skin and sucks out all the moisture. Second, creams like retinol and soaps take moisture out also. Third, Ichthyosis, Psoriasis, and Eczema are all genetic reasons our skin is dry. Finally, air conditioning will dry out your skin. Dry cracking skin can let bacteria into you body and cause infections. Now we get ways to keep skin moist. First, salmon and zinc are great foods that will help skin stay moist. Second, a humidifier will hydrate your skin. Third, time you shower time and keep it under 5 minutes. Fourth, use body wash that is soap free like Eucerin calming cream body wash and lotions.

For more information, you can go to Oz’s web site by following the link below.
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  1. Jackie says

    What was the herb mixed with olive oil that Dr. Oz has on March 1, 2010 show? Any equal parts needed. Was used to rub on hands.

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