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Mark Cuban Gets Hot Under the Collar Tonight on “Shark Tank” (3/2/12)

“Shark Tank” tonight (sneak peek available here) features a kissing booth for the product “Kisstixx” which is a lip balm. Barbara Corcoran is back and asked to demonstrate the product with Kevin O’ Leary who is all too anxious to assist! Will the “taste test” secure funding for the savvy entrepreneurs? While these two spend time experimenting with one product, others raise the temperature level in the tank as the sharks face heat from the kitchen and flaring tempers as Mark Cuban boils over from someone’s arrogance and it’s NOT Kevin O’ Leary (this time)! Tune in tonight on ABC at 8/7c to find out who’s chum and who’s simply a chump as Kisstixx, Heat Helper, Smart Baker, and TEC all prepare to pitch their product as bait in the tank for a chance at a bidding war between the sharks. Who walks away chewed up and spit out? Who gets hooked for cash?

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