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Doctor Oz Show Today: Getting Healthy The Lazy Way 3/5/2012


The Doctor Oz Show is all about getting healthy without pain today and we will get a new 4 step plan targeted for Lazy Girls. Oz opens the show announcing that he has a plan that will show us the minimum amount of effort we need to get healthy. Oz has three volunteers on the stage and he will walk them through his simple steps to getting healthy and lose weight.

First, you need to sleep more. Oz says high quality sleep will help lower your risk of heart disease. Oz says when we don’t sleep well, our cortisol levels are increased and that increases our stress level. Insomnia causes our blood pressure to stay elevated and causes our heart to work more. Oz recommends that we use Wild Lettuce Extract, 30mg before bed, and it will act as a sedative to give us deeper and better quality sleep. Second, Eat what you want! Oz says we can eat anything we want as long as it is in moderation. He has three take out meals we can use to help. 1. Chicken and cheese pizza with whole grain crust. 2. Black Bean Burrito. 3. Beef and Oyster sauce. Add a lot of veggies to the last two and skip the rice. Oz says we should also eat Dark chocolate. Apoptosis is basically programmed cell death. This is when our body kills off bad cells like cancer. Cocoa is a great way to do this. You need about 20 grams of cocoa. You can also use Cocoa Well supplements to get your chocolate. The final step is simple exercises and we can stand as much as possible. Oz says we can also use a strange toilet so we won’t sit down. By squatting when we go, we can burn up to 100 extra calories a day.

Now we get lazy way to check your health. First, look at your tongue to see if you have a white, yellow, or orange coating. This can be a sign of acid reflux. Oz says the majority of people who have acid reflux don’t even know they have it because it happens during their sleep. Next, check your nails. If you see horizontal white stripes it is a sign of kidney disease. The white lines represent high protein levels in your blood. Oz says this usually accompanies fatigue and if you have both fatigue and white lines, you need to go get checked. Third is the eyes. Look for little cobblestones under your eyes. This could show that you are suffering from allergies. Finally, check your knees and elbows for a red rash. This is a sign of Celiac disease which means you are reacting to Gluten.

The next segment is about the safety of organic foods. Oz says brown rice syrup has been found to contain arsenic. It is used in a lot of cereal bars and infant formula. Dr. Urvashi Rangan says this is from the soil, water, and fertilizer and it not being put into the organic foods. All foods will absorb arsenic from the soil. She says there are no standards for arsenic in health foods. Urvashi says organic is better but we should be careful with all of our food. She also says parents should limit products that contain brown rice syrup. She also says that organic is still much better than regular foods.

Oz gives us a list of foods that you should buy that are organic. First, organic potatoes and if you can’t find them use sweet potatoes. Second, peppers and celery need to be organic. Third, lettuce and other leafy greens. Finally, we should always buy milk and dairy products that are organic. These four types of foods are very likely to absorb pesticides and you can’t just wash it off. By using organic versions, you will spend a little more up front but you will be healthier and spend less at the doctor.

Michelle Bernstein is on the show to show us a cheap healthy meal. She takes yogurt and mixes cumin, honey, lime juice, and pepper. Add the mixture to a plastic bag along with 2 chicken breasts and marinate for at least 2 hours. Grill both sides and then finish in the oven. Now she takes Kale, quinoa, mint, parsley, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. This is a salad and it will be the side dish. This meal will feed a family of four for under $10.

As the show end, Oz says Kukicha Tea will help boost your energy. Also Cupuachu powder is a great supplement to help your skin and it is a great anti aging product.
Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz

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