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“The River” Recap (3/6/12): The Crew of Magus Discover Camera Bag and New Clues to the Location of Emmet Cole

Tonight on The River, Tess and Lincoln discover a new lead in the search for Dr. Emmet Cole who has disappeared on the Amazon River. After viewing some videos, Tess is convinced he is there, but where is there?

Lena Landry is having a difficult time dealing with the death of her father and wants to go back to the United States but forgoes the decision in order for Lincoln to continue the search for his father, Emmet Cole. They decide to head to the falls on foot and discover Cole’s knife and Russ’ camera bag with a video tape. They take it back to the Magus to find out what it reveals.

While everyone is waiting onboard the Magus while Emmet meditates, he swallows a dragonfly like the one the Mexican girl swallowed earlier in the show. He hears a whistling tune he wants Lena to decode. After Russ and Emmet fight over getting Lena involved, Emmet takes all of the crew except for Russ on an expedition to the falls to discover “The Source” that from which everything originates. This is probably when Russ encounters the ghost ship. Emmet reveals Lena is “marked.”

Emmet talks extensively about the Zulu Tribe who flayed their shoulder blades to resemble wings because they thought they were angels. There is someone or something following them and has skinned a monkey, hanging it in a tree. Kind of looks similar to the hanging dolls. Lena reveals she was the one to set off Dr. Cole’s beacon in order to get a group to look for her father which everyone wrote off as dead…which he was. Emmet talks about the death of his daughter, Alice, at one week due to a heart defect and how Tess got him into exploring for television. The whistling keeps haunting him and the woman who is with him takes off with the survival gear, leaving him only the camera, batteries, and a knife.

After several days without food, he cannot get a fire going until he concentrates on the magic and instantly, there is fire. He calls Lincoln to talk as he thinks he is going to die. He finds a mango tree which he falls out of and breaks his ankle, making it impossible to forage for food. He considers killing the dog but passes out and is unable to return the whistling tune. A group of natives take him to a village where he is cared for and then taken to a compound outpost where there are a bunch of people who discover him outside the gate.

Lincoln and Tess tell the crew who immediately set out to find the outpost, which they do, but it is deserted, looking like it barely survived a war…and there are no people. Where did they go? Where is Dr. Emmet Cole? Why were they lead to this place? Tune in next week for the continuing adventure to discover more as the search for Dr. Emmet Cole takes the newest crew of the Magus deeper into the unknown Amazon forests along the river.

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