Colton in Coco Connection

CBS Television Tonight Has Colton “Bummed Out” on “Survivor” Preview Video (3/7/12)!


Tonight on Survivor: One World, do the women discover the men aren’t as tough as they seem or as cohesive as everyone thinks now that Matt has been eliminated? Does Colton really run the show for the Manono Tribe? Which tribe wins the coco connection reward challenge tonight where they fire coconuts at a board to break out pieces? What is the reward? What tribe prevails in the puzzle relay immunity challenge? Will the Salani Tribe retain its momentum or will the Manon Tribe recover from last week’s loss to the women? What is the move that has everyone stunned? Who does it benefit and was it worth it because it worked, or did it backfire? Does Colton finally get his wish and Bill is cast off the island or has someone been found out following last week’s tribal council as having gone against the alliance and it is that head who will be on the chopping block? Who has Colton so riled up? Find out all the answers on CBS television tonight when Survivor: One World airs at 8/7c!

Image and video courtesy of CBS


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