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RECAP “Survivor: One World” (3/7/12) – Tides of Change

Tonight on “Survivor: One World” it is about tides of change. It is Day 9 and the women have won back-to-back challenges sending the men to tribal council last week where Matt was cast off the island. A couple of the guys come to the Salani camp and offer to fish for them using their net for half the catch. Chelsea thinks it is funny that in the beginning it was the women who were struggling for fire and shelter and now the tables have been turned and it is the men seeking out assistance.

Jonas states he is familiar with fishing nets being from Hawaii but when they women do not take up the offer, Troyzan bashes them saying they are being hard asses when just a few days ago he was being the hard ass thinking no help should be offered to them. Who’s the hypocrite? The reward challenge is using a slingshot to propel a coconut toward a large set of targets with the object to knock out five targets in a row like tic-tac-toe. What is the reward the teams are playing for? The teams are playing for a choice of rewards – comfort of pillows and blankets or protection of a tarp or luxury of donuts and coffee. Bill sits out for the men as the extra guy. The tribes are pretty close at the beginning until Kim knocks out a fourth tile putting the women at an advantage. Everyone is making fun of Tarzan who keeps calling Jonas Jason. Monica takes out the final target giving the third challenge in a row to the women who opt for the trap.

Back at the Manono camp, Leif reveals to Bill that it was Colton who put a target on his back and Mike finds out, telling Colton in order to place another object in his path. King Colton calls a meeting with Leif who admits he did tell Bill the plan to which Colton has now affirmed Leif is a defector and refers to him as an oompa loompa…he is so freakin rude! At the immunity challenge, he continues to be a drama queen by making faces of disgust as if to say he is so much better than these other people – Really? Someone seriously needs to knock him off his throne!

Tree mail is a puzzle which gives a hint about the immunity challenge which is puzzles in pairs. Kat makes a comment about not wanting to be paired with Alicia who gets upset and is paired with Chelsea and they are the first team out of the gate in the challenge. The men quickly solve the puzzles and leave Chelsea and Alicia still at the beginning unable to solve the first puzzle as Leif heads to the locks with all three keys. Finally, Chelsea and Alicia solve the first puzzle which took quite a while even after looking at the mens’ solved puzzle…can we say “”MO-RON!” Tarzan is yelling at the women for cheating but who cares, the men are kicking their butts! Leif unlocks the locks and the Manono Tribal flag is raised for the win. It will be the Salani Tribe at council tonight.

Things change drastically once the tribes get back to camp following the challenge. Alicia is pitching for safety knowing she is probably on the chopping block but it is the Manono tribe who is having internal struggles. Colton and Bill go head-to-head making Colton suggest giving the immunity idol to the women and forcing the Manono Tribe to go to council and vote off Bill. Tarzan calls a tribal meeting where he informs Leif he will be going home since he is a traitor and no one trusts him. OMG! These men are a bunch of girls! Jay states he is bum-puzzled by the attitude and actions of his tribe members while Jonas is willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. It is at this point that is these guys were smart, they would vote off the one who is causing all the drama – Colton – because even though he has the individual immunity idol, his cocky, over-confident attitude will prevent him from playing it!

At tribal council, Jeff is stunned to see the men walk in and states that in the history of “Survivor” there has never been an immunity idol given to another tribe following its win. As the conversation progresses, Colton is clearly a bigot and even though the other guys see it, it is clear they will not act on it…what power does this queen hold over these dudes? So who is cast out at tribal council on “Survivor: One World” tonight? Although Leif gets a vote, it is Bill who is the second tribe member cast off the island and Colton gets a tremendous boost to his ever growing drama queen ego!

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